Trauma in Religion

Stealling the human rights of Catholic children; a field guide

Introducing the poisonous Catholic concept of a God and Satan that is connected directly to the entirety of Catholic clergy, including the pope, the Vatican and Holy See, into the mind of unsuspecting children prior to their reaching an age of reason and consent is a breach of their human rights.

This introduction strips them of their human dignity, independence and their human right to self-determination, while simultaneously trapping them forever in a state of perpetual compromise.

The outcome is a life of unquestioning obedience and fearful servitude to inappropriate, inhumane and unjust doctrines and dogmas of the foreign nation-state of the Vatican and Holy See.

These hapless victims become unwitting accomplices in the deepest possible betrayal of their own country and fellow citizens as they too have had their rights abused and their lives and the lives of their children affected through the ongoing generations-long cover-up of crimes by criminal clergy of the Catholic and other religions.

The doctrine of forgiveness as practised by the Catholic Church has established an unprecedented moral and ethical criminal hazard that defeats every attempt to provide human rights to all people as it repeatedly endangers children and the entirety of society to the criminal standards of the catholic Church and those entrusted with covering up the crimes of it's clergy.

Next >> Trauma in Religion Abstract  An inside understanding of the processes undertaken in a Catholic environment that compromise the developing minds of accessible children

   Understanding the psychology of pedophile Catholic clergy and those who cover up their criminal behaviors is a valid and necessary line of criminal inquiry if we are to protect the children of today and in the future

Being an accessible and available object that can be used for whatever purposes the whim of a sexually dysfunctional cleric may define in the clerics pursuit of an eternal life in the shadow of a tyrannical, insane, mythical God and belief system is a daily reality for all Catholic women and children

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