Trauma in Religion

Sexually dysfunctional clergy wielding perpetual life threatening powers over every Catholic child is insanity in operation

To know and understand the truth and the reality of the abuse of children is far more important to humanity than any right a failed belief system has to call itself a child safe religion

The #TraumaTheory hypothesis says that the introduction of the Catholic concept of a God and Devil connected to Catholic clergy and the Catholic hierarchy into the mind of a defenceless child before they reach an age of consent forces them to abandon their human right to self determination for one of subservience and fear driven obedience to Catholic clergy and the Roman Catholic hierarchy and religion.

   Understanding the psychology of pedophile Catholic clergy and those who cover up their criminal behaviors is a valid line of inquiry

Being an accessible and available object that can be used for whatever purposes the whim of a sexually dysfunctional cleric may define in the clerics pursuit of an eternal life in the shadow of a tyrannical, insane, mythical God and belief system is a daily reality for all Catholic women and children

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