#CoverUpDay737,383 Chapter 105

Two sentences for your next support request

Safety sentences for when seeking professional treatment or services

Thoughts from 36 August, 2017

Do you have access to evidence based, trauma informed and aware professional support and backup when it comes to close contact and dealing with deeply traumatic, long term including historic and current systemic and endemic child abuse in Christian cultures?

Are you able to provide, assured safe and free of belief based biases or influences to the degree that the services would be entirely from every perspective a Secular service working in the spirit of the Australian law and without any allegiance to the Holy See or The Vatican or other religious cultures?

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You will likely appreciate the notions in [2014] Advisory to Survivors of Clergy Abuse Dealing with the Royal Commission and Government Funded Support


A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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No Australian Christian religion aspires to the basic principle of providing Human Rights to Children. The horror of it is that children in Australia by definition are secondary and the property of the religion of their parents and their political representatives.