#CoverUpDay737,384 Chapter 108

Making hixtory in 2017

Noting history in August 2017

Thoughts from 26 August, 2017


The world is just now beginning to be able to describe the harm to society across the globe done through the rape of the children of religious communities by their clergy.

Another chapter of horror and terror enforced onto the children of entire populations is written in the annuls of time.History will look back with deep and severe shame.

The gods and their religions have failed humanity and we need to turn to evidence based systems if we are ever going to keep our promise to the thousands who came forward so that the words "Never again" will have real meaning if not for those who came forward then for those yet to come.

Never allow Australian governments, Australian policing and Australian communities to ever again be silent and complicit about the abuse of children

forgotten in October 2018

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You will likely appreciate the notions in [2014] Advisory to Survivors of Clergy Abuse Dealing with the Royal Commission and Government Funded Support


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