Catholicism and its base of repeated trauma targeted at young and vulnerable children

How the most comprehensive abuse of trust possible is developed and implemented generation after generation

Sensorimotor stage (years 0-2)

Bonded for life to authority outside the family by parents; genitally mutilated if male leaving a deeply embedded residual memory of a frozen in fear and terror filled moments that remains lifelong for the defenceless child.

Preoperational stage (years 2-7)

Encounter with god and hell is strongly focused into the major psychological development period in childhood.
It is during this development period that human children establish the notions that today we refer to as personal boundaries, responsibility, identification, attachment to family, establishment of place in community.
This process for a human child begins with what is understood by science as "Theory of mind" and by religion as formation. The process must be carried out as early as possible to ensure lifelong entrapment and absolute obedience on demand through traumatic bonding of the child without its consent by parents who were themselves entrapped as children and are now doing precisely as instructed.
The child is property that by tradition is owned by the Church and therefore it is appropriate that the child be abandoned to the religion by the parents. This authority and ownership claim is not challenged by governments nor are the Human Rights of the child considered (Property does not have rights other than to be owned and traded) under the guidance and direction of psychological entrapment under the guise of religion. 

This encounter is one that establishes early encounters with religious guilt, scapegoating, bullying, threats, blackmail, fraud, deception, mythology as truth, denial of facts, non-acceptance of evidence as well as reinforcing the notion that life is filled with pain and suffering in a world that can be filled with miracles, wishful thinking and sheer fantasy depending upon who you associated with and how they responded to you.
The real purpose of religion is to provide absolute and comprehensive ownership of the child's mind by the religion and the religious who may inflict severe psychological trauma on the defenceless child so as to save it from the horrors of a real life. 

It is a life that demands instant obedience while the ever present god in your head knows what you are thinking before you do; there is no option.  
The individual no matter what age must cede to this insurmountable power held by those above you; these lines of authority extend to the Vatican, the Pope and their claims of ownership of the planet we all get to live on.
The comprehensive control of the mind of the child is established through this introductory period of a Catholic education. By the time a Catholic child enters first grade they are compliant to any who claim to have a hold or connection with the God who holds control of the spy in your mind. Permanent fear thus bonds the child through inflicting layer upon layer of trauma. Suffering is inescapable for the child and a to be expected outcome for the Catholic parents and community.
There is no human love in such a process; there is only ownership, productivity and the accumulation of wealth and power for those in control. 

These practices are taught under the guise of religion, there is a reliance on brooking no impediment from all those around them. There is and can be no resistance from the adult Catholic.
The child has few options and sees it in a way that says to them that they have the option of complying with the demands and the requirements of their religion as dictated to them by those higher up the chain of hierarchy or die thus making membership compulsory under threat.

The only option available for non compliance is an early encounter with the greatest fear we all hold; death.
In these development years of the Catholic child's life they have to cede to each and to every encounter.
Their minds are forced into compliance into a structured way of thinking and all of it is done without their consent as the child is considered the property of the parent who in turn is under the psychological control of the Church/religion.
At this stage the body will have set into play any number of epigentic changes so that the adapting child can fit into and survive in an environment that is based on mythology and superstition. The rights of the child have not been considered; only their ownership and control has been the directives and purpose in this form of accultration. The addiction to abberrant survival tactics is well established.
No rights exist for these children. Their minds have been successfully invaded and occupied for the rest of that individuals' life. Adaptation to the regular and consistent implementation of the survival tactic of denial becomes much more common as the human facade that they require for survival becomes established. The real person must be supressed - this drive to suppress the real emotions and understanding of the child can become dangerous later in life and is one of the areas the religious focus on in their drive to maintain control of their victims which results in a more rigid, more constipated society that cannot rise above competing in
All of this is enforced with the ever present exquisite forms of biblical/religious punishment and threats against their existence traumatically seared into the minds of vulnerable children that they must not question authority. No greater driver exists and is the direct cause of vast ignorance across the entire planet. When they are able to feel safe enough the accumultated knowledge of their world and the way it operates can be evaluated and the most bonded begin to break the chains of this psychological entrapment.
Human survival requires the ability to question authority; this right of every human is snuffed out before the child can realise that there are other options in life and that there are real ways of defining evidence and truth based on us as human beings firstly rather than as a human slave to an abominable god. 

Concrete operational stage (years 7-11)

Ownership and control are forced into the psyche of the child. They are required to engage in a process of confession where they seek forgiveness for each and every transgression away from the doctrines of inculcation; their mind is owned by the wants of the religion and the religious, their rights are overridden by the unfounded and untested claims of the religion. 

It is during this critical period that an opportunity exists for the child to attempt to escape via different strategies as survival can, will and does over-ride the indoctrinated and delusional claims required to keep up the deception.

When the experience of this obscene God and the devil are observed in their true configuration they are the most sophisticated act of grooming and control that a dysfunctional group in society could possibly devise and our governments continue to hand this power to any unfounded claims simply on the basis of some wishful or delusional thinking. Our children deserve better and so do you. 
It is a deception that is wholly focused on the ownership and the full and complete control of the child's mind from birth through the entire life of the individual, their death and the notion of any afterlife that they may have been deceived into believing in. .

The next step in the journey of the Catholic child is to confirm complete ownership and control of the child's mind through having the ability to claim connection with the spy in the head of the now sexually maturing child. In this state of control the child becomes completely malleable in the hands of those who have religious authority over them. There are no boundaries that a predator needs to overcome as every aspect of human psychology has been entrapped in the religious inculcation process.

In such an environment there are no boundaries. No physical, no emotional, no family boundaries exists as they have been usurped and replaced by the religious orders and the way they identify themselves as mother, father, brother, sister. The entrapment is complete and only a few will escape if they have no support in their attempts to do so.

A catholic family has been developed to be acutely aware of any transgression and via the confessional or allegiance to other than the paternal family and siblings they have been educated through fear of retribution to take these concerns to the substituted family consisting of predators with unlimited power to exert at any given moment an action that will with definite certainty take away the life of the child instantly.

The Catholic environment is a toxic environment from the child's perspective if it were to be free to express it. This right to speak freely and to be heard is non existent in a Catholic family environment be that the paternal family or the pirate family substituting using fakery and threat to obtain and to keep absolute control over the vulnerable minds of children.
This type of trauma may lead to dissociative issues.

Saturday, January 20, 2018 10:54:22 AM
Ann Free Spirit John Brown ... I saw myself while reading this... it tore me apart to read about us all who were spiritualy abused... well before we could walk and talk... it is so hard to get it out of my head... the damage the nuns and priest did to me was so distracted... I don't hate them... because that way I will be like they were to me as a child... I hate what they did to me... and the way they set out my childhood... up to the age of 25 years old... I am pleased with one thing though... they never broke my spirit to survive... how I don't know... but I did...


TraumaTheory predicts that it's relevance will be acknowledged by a large percentage (8/9:10) of those who have left religion behind and will be denied to have any relevance by a large percentage (8/9:10) of those participating in a religion (10 to 20% of Christians are in a state of recovery from the many deeply embedded trauma experiences at any one time. The health of the nation will begin to truly be said to be in recovery when its universities, schools and education systems as well as governments and business have begun to integrate the new knowledge and to educate using trauma informed evidence based courses to its new doctors, psychologists, lawyers, judges and members of the community.) ... belief in the Christian is in fact a product of psychological denial and guilt or fear that drives the coverup that such heinous crimes consistently generate. The challenge for Australia will be found in the emerging truth over the next generations and how it conducts itself with regard to protecting vulnerable women and children in the broader Australian community.

The above does what it sets out to do in that it is consistently and demonstrably correct and based on real world experiences of multiple survivors and is premised on a range of validated known science and research and has not been shown to be false. The measure will increasingly become the measure used to evaluate the harms of humans being constantly denied or repressed through the use of deep emotional traumas inflicted on the children as a property item belonging to a religion or a government in the thrall of a religion that is through extreme exposure and continued funding of abusive commercial enterprises is successfully accomplishing the repression of its own people to appease the God of a dwindling number of followers of the Christian religion..

A recent example of a nationwide toxic outcome targeting the most vulnerable by government as a public show of support for a fellow bullying entity when the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull supported blocking of support for the worst affected victims of child sexual abuse by clergy. This denial strips away the human right to justice in Australia for the most damaged individuals among the thousands of survivors of childhood sexual abuse by clergy, the religious and the powerful in Australia.

Australia is currently experiencing another toxic round of human rights abuses against increasing numbers of its own people; the evidence for this can be found in the archives of the recently completed Royal Commission into Institutional responses to child sexual abuse and in its redress scheme and the denial of the same right to justice that we are all said to have where for a select few who after they were abused as children went off the rails and became destructive and abusive in a culture who at that time was actively repressing and denying the rights to justice that others in the country were able to access.

Only those crazed with their own need for power, control and manipulation of the truth ask publicly for the population to put aside the usual operation of the law to specifically deny a smaller group of individuals now that they are no longer able to deny the rights of the larger group of hundreds of thousands of children and families directly affected by rape by clergy and those in authority and the coverup that continues at the highest levels of government.

The trauma at the intrusion establishes the first of an ever increasing number of dissociative states until the child's original personality is overtaken by the substitute obedient fear filled, silenced hands tied Catholic. Steinberg and Schnall (2001), defines dissociation as "an adaptive defense in response to high stress or trauma characterized by memory loss and a sense of disconnection from oneself or one's surroundings.". Catholicism has developed a means to take full control and full ownership of the mind of those it is introduced early to.

The adaption allows for the theft of the human rights of any individual. It is able to be defined and it is my contention that well designed research will be able to establish the veracity of what I am stating.

The real test comes at the time when someone such as a cradle Catholic comes to an understanding that they no longer believe in the mythology of catholicism and in fact they point to it as being exposed to the unbidden psychological entrapment of their mind through the use of distortion myths, legends, superstitions and unfounded claims that combine in a dogma of misogyny, acceptance of the real world sexual needs of their clergy that has led to the persistence of the rape of children across the globe by dysfunctional clergy.

Catholics are caught up in a blackmail situation where if they don't cover up the reality that it is an unfounded fraud and abuse of human rights and will remain an abuse until children are protected from the psychological intrusion of controlled spirits gods and demons until they are able to protect themselves as an adult.

Religion hijacks familial bonds using trauma in young children on Kialo

"The impacts are severe to the extent of fracturing proper notions of self, family, personal boundaries and personal responsibility"

"and the gods fled in the face of the evidence"