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We are the most psychological creatures on the planet. We are experts at pattern matching. Memories are stored patterns. We can recognize a voice and put a name and a face to it inside 30 milliseconds and we do that without having to say to ourselves this is what we should do. Our brain does that as a matter of its self preservation, it does this by constantly scanning your environment for anything dangerous. This is happening several times a second. The process can be described as looking for anything we know (instinctive) or have learned (memory) to have been dangerous to us in the past. It learned what was dangerous based on the way your body responded to certain situations.

When we get a match our body systems can provide us with recollections of things or events, words spoken or read. Each experience has its own record in our brain in what we call our memory and some memories are flagged as dangers. This can be an insect another animal other humans, a color or movement. This process runs constantly and we mostly remain unaware of it until or unless we get a match of a dangerous pattern from our past.

Rapists are dangerous, police are dangerous when they have been shown to have covered up or been involved in protecting the wellbeing of members of clergy in any crime below murder; the sexual abuse of children was just another crime to not act on when the perpetrator was a clergy man. Politicians are dangerous when they feign or show real ignorance of the harms and effects not just on individuals but the entire community.

By the time a survivor reaches 50 years of age if they have survived that long as many will have ended their life in one way or another simply because they have been repressed to and shunned to the point of wanting to extinguish even their own life as a result of the ostracism and open public bias against those who speak out about the crimes and criminal and psychological damage done to vulnerable children by those who abused them.

We are also drawn toward those who have empathy with us and our life experience.

The story of the Victorian Inquiry


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John Brown was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school on The Parade Yea and then a final year at Yea High school in Station Street. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle who recently declined to publish John's story. John left Yea after realising that the proprietor and local policeman Bill Ellison along with other local Catholics in his hometown and surrounds at that time were well aware of his abuse and of the rape and abuse of other children in Yea and district and were aware of the many events surrounding the murder of Herbert Henry Kemp of Yea ...... read more and more and more and Site Map

Investigation of an unsolved murder in 1962 can no longer be investigated according to police taskforce SANO because a different pedophile Catholic clergyman who raped a child at age 8 is now dead. As a result of the dead rapist being unconnected with the murder Victorian police remain clue less.

Later in life John married in Toowoomba only to begin the most bizarre period in his life as he learned that he wasnow related by marriage to the then bishop of Toowoomba Bill Morris. Morris was the head of the bishops conference at that time and was the "Go to" person in the country for survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and yet I was never able to get a time or a conversation with the bishop. I did get conversations or connection with a number of Catholic organisations with varying degrees of weirdness some of which I have written about in my blog The FAQyMe gene & the lifelong search for safe, moral and ethical social justice, the Human Right to a trauma informed and evidence based recovery and social re-engagement unhindered by the fear, anger and blockages from other people's gods .

John is author and publisher of #TraumaTheory and regularly blogs at The FAQyMe gene on his journey, recovery and the horror and the scale of this global issue.

John's personal story is just another from the hundreds of millions of other stories across the globe eminating from the human rights abuses and ongoing horrors of the systemic rape, abuses of trust, fraud, deception and cover up in the global Catholic and other religions. Like those others his "issues in life" arose and remain simply because his abusers as a child were just like theirs in that their rapists and abusers were Catholic or Catholic or Christian clergy and they too remain ineligible or unable to have their human rights upheld in their lifetime..

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