#CoverUpDay737,384 be damned -

Stop your whingeing as you can now sue the Catholic Church

UPDATE: 3/7/2018 8:41:38 AM

To obtain justice now all you need is someone to back you for $3 or $4 million to take your case into court.

Redress was based on affordability. It has been shown that a number of involved institutions hid their wealth from the Royal Commission.

Will legal action be taken against them by governments?

Are governments seeking advice on what action should be taken as there are serious consequences stipulated under the rules of the Royal Commission for such conduct.

Have any human rights, law firms, advocates and those claiming to be supportive of the survivors raised this issue in their places of influence and authority?

If you are aware of any please let us know so we can show our support for those who publicly proactively support us and our human right for justice and redress commensurate with the crimes committed against us.

Stop your whingeing just because you can't afford to buy justice. You should have saved and worked harder or spoken up earlier (In my own case that would have to have been prior to 1953). Thousands of others attempted to speak out and were blocked and stymied at every step by police, public servants and governments for centuries but that should not have stopped you from saving a million or two so you can now afford to attempt to buy justice via the legal system.).

This bargaining on justice and redress would not be possible if Australia had enshrined the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Rights of the Child and other UN conventions into law; instead we get a patch-work of band-aids of varying effectiveness to such an extent that it will in the future be recognised as just another facet of the cover up that has run for centuries in Australia.

To obtain justice now all you need is someone to back you for $3 or $4 million to take your case into court.

You are supposed to get over it; move on. Get on with your life - big deal that your human rights are still being abused but the legal system is working on it and it might be in place for your great grandchildren to see it. One thing is for certain you will not see justice or proper redress until these criminals are held fully accountable and future generations are protected through the full implementation of Human Rights in Australia. Why we need Human Rights in Australia


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