#CoverUpDay737,438 Human Rights be damned - #TraumaTheory Chapter 135

Men and women of God continue to bring suffering to millions

UPDATE: 3/11/2018 7:12:59 AM

While the men and women of God continue to protect the wealth that Australia has provided them through direct and indirect financial support and through exemptions and a plethora of advantages provided for their proclaimed good works they continue to bring suffering to millions of good people right across this country.

That suffering is not just confined to those who have been sexually, psychologically and physically abused by the sickness that prevails amongst this psychologically detached and privileged clerical class that continues to claim increasing sums of money from our governments to continue with what they refer to as their good works all the while being willing to spend million upon million to use Australian laws to further their abuse on those who are suffering the most from these social criminals and morally detached individuals.

This is akin to a murderer and rapist claiming that their actions of offer inducements to vulnerable children as a lure so that they can access them for their personal sexual gratification is a good work that should see their crimes forgiven so that they can continue to rape and abuse unhindered. These are the actions of the mentally deranged and delusional who live in a primitive time warp simply because they can evade laws such as section 27 of the Victorian criminal code through the use of Biblical and religious laws to evade moral, ethical and legal responsibility to the country, the community, humanity and to the individuals they allowed to be used for the sexual gratification of their sick detached and unfounded claims of piety and their claims of representing a deity who never appears no matter how egregious or how depraved their crimes may be.

Extortion with threat to kill
A person who makes a demand of another person-

        (a)     with a threat to kill or inflict injury on a person (other than the offender or an accomplice of the offender); or

        (b)     with a threat in circumstances where, if the threat were carried out, the life of a person (other than the offender or an accomplice of the offender) would be endangered-

is guilty of an indictable offence.

Penalty:     Level 4 imprisonment (15 years maximum).

The evidence from countless child victims tells of the use of religious dogma, blackmail, bribery and direct threats against the wellbeing of the children their friends and their family should they speak of the horror they have experienced and of the blackmail and threats they received in the egregious efforts of the clerical class and their followers to keep the crimes of rape by clergy and the religious hidden from the public view and from the law.

The threat of perpetual punishment made against the youngest and most vulnerable in the community is able to be levelled against them and their family today yet the reality of these threats is given no credence because of the claimed privilege of the right of freedom of religion.

Where do we stand when the freedom of religion protects rapists and allows them to stand over, bully and blackmail thousands upon thousands of vulnerable women and children.

The ideals and the spirit of the law is simply ignored and over-ridden because of the exemption our governments continue to provide to these sick and compromised individuals.

If Australia is to ever rise above the level of accepting the rape of children as a religious ritual then it must directly address this issue else we set the worst possible example for children today and on into their future as the message being sent is that it is acceptable to rape, abuse and exploit so long as it can be hidden under the assumption that it is a rule of a God who claims to be human and compassionate that turns a blind eye to sexual abuse of the vulnerable simply because it is deemed to be their right under freedom of religion laws.

Without the Royal Commission, governments and the people of Australia addressing these failings then children remain vulnerble and will be consumed by these egregious crimes while the life and rights of the children, their families and communities right across Australia continue to be stolen and abused to satisfy the insatiable appatite of a failed God and religion whose clerics continue to wail that we should look at all the good works they perform.

through the privilege afforded them has been extended to the criminal rape and the abuse of human rights


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John Brown was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school on The Parade and then a final year at Yea High. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle who recently declined to publish anything on John's story. He left Yea after realising that the proprietor and local policeman Bill Ellisson along with other local Catholics in Yea and surrounds at that time were aware of his abuse and of the rape and abuse of other children in Yea and were aware of the many unreported issues surrounding the murder of Herbert Henry Kemp of ...... read more 1544650601 and more and more and Site Map

Investigation of an unsolved murder in 1962 can no longer be investigated according to police taskforce SANO because a pedophile Catholic clergyman who raped a child at age 8 is now dead. As a result of the dead rapist being unconnected with the murder Victorian police remain clueless.

Later in life John married in Toowoomba only to find that he was related to the then bishop of Toowoomba Bill Morris. Morris was the head of the bishops conference and was the go to person in the country for survivors of childhood sexual abuse by Catholic clergy and yet I was never able to get a time or a conversation with the bishop. I did get conversations or connection with a number of Catholic organisations with varying degrees of weirdness.