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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 143

The Cradled Catholic

Chapter 143 The Cradled Catholic

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What in psychological terms does it mean to be a cradle Catholic?

Where would you begin to look at the psychology of cradle Catholics? Even attempting to describe the circumstance can easily put your life and well being on the line in just about any country still today.

What if God were real!

Wouldn't that be amazing.

Millions. No, more like billions of people able to ask and get a direct perfect true and factual reply to their questions without having to channel through the minds of those who protect child rapists because they are clergy or bishop who has influenced politicians and governments to afford his criminal ways perpetual protection because he claims to have a direct connection and the right to represent a God who claims to have created the universe and claims to have the right to practice whatever primitive criminal entrapment processes he wants to claim are perfect ways of their religion and you must stand aside or bear the punishment for daring even to consider anything different let alone to intervene on behalf a a poor child who has become the targets of another active child rapist plying his trade under the protection of some of the weirdest must dysfunctional ways of thinking doing etc that cause more harm and more long term sustained horror and fear in the lives of those this toxic regime expresses into every community in the country.

But put all of that aside with the usual one child is too many statement that has been used uncountable times to allay the guilt of child sex crimes and look at my list of questions which cover so many things and my suggestions on how to make improvements even small minor ones can make such a difference. I mean how long would it take a God to rework every mosquito and blood sucking creature so that the transmission of blood borne pathogens to humans was eliminated entirely and how easy to fine tune the human birth canal size issue with more flexible ligaments when needed. That and a few hundreds of thousands of other things could end so much misery and all of that could be taken care of in the matter of a few minutes focus and direction by this a God who has the power to achieve all that is on my list and the list of every human on the planet.

But no that will not happen because we got a moral and ethical failure and an emotionally and sexually under developed God with more complexes than the DSM can devise while sitting atop and still directing is the rule of law we are said to be governed by which has remained silent like this God for so long until after repeated failure it was forced upon those in denial. Never ask about the need for evidence for this god's claims and of course the last thing on that list would go to the Human Rights of children. How dare you suggest that the God of love hasn't got too much going for him emotionally and has an obvious disconnection from the reality that the rest of us exist in and still seems to be untouched by the often stated desire of followers to see that others are killed or punished in a perpetual cycle of horror and insanity and God just suggests more mindfulness and inaction because it is his perfect words from our primitive past that is causing horror on a personal level that was never thought possible.

What does a country like Australia do when its long held Christian beliefs are just myths, legends and consistent failures that are not aligned with the reality of human nature other than the constant games of war and human entrapment that religion as refined down to the point of total protection and funding by a claimed secular state

The rest of this piece will now focus on why it is that the Christian God fails when it comes to morality, intent, blackmail and possibly the poorest of poor forms of communication. Not just poor communication but toxic, implausible emotionally harmful psychologically twisted, irrational and torturous when a light is shone on to it.

A God who is willing to wait 13.7 billion years before attempting to intervene on our behalf with the Roman Empire and failed to get a good settlement or outcome and the following two thousand years has seen the development of personal psychological torture come top the fore as it became more impossible for religions like Catholicism to continue to publicly torture and murder people just because of their knowledge or lack of belief in the rights, rules and rituals of Catholicism.

Having faith in a child rape culture is just so Catholic.

In 1950s Australia it was impossible that a Catholic congregation was largely ignorant of the sexual abuse of children by the clergy of their Church.

Children were raped by clergy and good Catholics came forward to cover it up and to silence and punish those who dared to speak of their abuse let alone speak to the causes and the affects that this hypocrisy does to the lives of just not the children and families directly connected by to the moral, ethical and sane way we get to live and function over a lifetime with these crimes deemed to be the issue of a few failed individuals.

The animosity was palpable at times, the anger and rage remains today simply because of the thousand upon thousands of lives that have been directly adversely affected by the systematic rape of children.

In my hometown of about 1,100 people Catholics dominated areas of society and community. The 1950 and 60ss were possibly the dying years of the open hatred and animosity that existed within the Catholic community and the religious community locally. The rest were not of concern to good Catholics as God was there ready to take revenge by making them sicken or die or he was there ready to punish in the most cruel and unusual of ways until the end of time some 13 or 14 billion years on into the future.

This was the God that took no interest in the rape of children but was obsessive about you and others did with your genitals and who you did that with. These are the traits of powerfully positioned predators.

Insanity simply is not an adequate word to describe this. The horror, the suffering, the abuse, the rape of women and children was an endless ongoing process and Catholic women suffered this as was their duty.

In that bizarre melange is the world view of cradle Catholics.

While you can still hear Catholics crying out after most recent obscenity that has resulted from some of the worst ideas humanity could put into practice simply because they are recipe for entrapment and modern day slavery.

Movement in the Catholic religion over recent times leaves us with an infallible pope admitting he got something wrong about how it that clergy continue to be able to cover up the rape of children just as has been done for centuries.

Soon you will hear the joyful cries that will ring out across the world as mythology is examined in minute detail so that the proclamation can be made to the world that at long last that Catholics have got it right this time. How many revaluations like this will it take before the Church acknowledge the facts of human biology and th understanding of blackmail, bondage, vicarious torture and entrapment and indoctrination let alone come to grips with the notion of rights for children and every person without the need for them to bend their knee in total submission to the Christian God.

Cradle Catholics across the globe will at last have reached fulfillment safe in the knowledge that were so deeply embedded that they have been unable to step beyond the insanity of a 2000 year old God and human sacrifice cult with so many faults that tens of thousands of its clergy find emotional and sexual relief in the repeated rape of children and women in their congregations.

Right now after 5 years of examination and exposure of thousands of crimes against children here in Australia and a continuing almost 20 years long drip by drip trail of clerical rape of the most vulnerable in the community and a papacy that has no ability to approach the problem using science and reason as their mythical beliefs have blinded them and enabled the free and unhindered exploitation of women and children at the core of the religion and now those bonded and abused are working on the latest iteration of "We have got it right this time".

In psychological terms a cradle Catholic is someone who found themselves so deeply entrenched in this cult that there was no possibility of anyone being able to afford the child even e modicum of support and protection. The child has no ability to survive outside the cult and that ideal is perpetuated on to each future generation with absolute belief in the need for these dysfunctional social demands of the religion.



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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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