#CoverUpDay737,383 #TraumaTheory Chapter 158

An enjoyable coffee with a genuine politician - that would be different

UPDATE: Friday, July 20, 2018 5:14:43 AM

I am in Queensland but would enjoy the opportunity to share a coffee


If I had that opportunity I would like to discuss a recent concern by many in the community in that there is a constant supply of information pointing out the stance of the Catholic Church with respect to its response to the degree of rape within their clergy. The concern is that for some Catholics and its clergy along with its backers in the Holy See and the Vatican see themselves as being above the laws of Australia.

It is a very widespread concern


My concern is that our constitution via s116 guarantees them that privilege and therefore the fear within the community is not a fantasy but a fact of law.

Our Constitution must not continue to be available for the Vatican, the Holy See, the Catholic or any Church or religion within or without Australia


In the time it takes to have that coffee I could point out how rapists among clergy or their minions can and have used s116 for the benefit of their religion and for the criminal access to children for the purposes of sexual misconduct.

Sure governments have run away from this for over a hundred years now and the rape of women and children is all we gave gotten from it; surely we can do better. I get a little vociferous and angry about it now and again every day however in amongst my anger there a number of legitimate points that need to be made.


A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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No Australian Christian religion aspires to the basic principle of providing Human Rights to Children. The horror of it is that children in Australia by definition are secondary and the property of the religion of their parents and their political representatives.