#CoverUpDay737,383 #TraumaTheory Chapter 163

Speechless and Honored

"John has been proactive in the area of Australian survivors of abuse suffered in religious institutions. He is himself a survivor of abuse in a religious institution as a child and now devotes time and energy to public education and awareness and more importantly the prevention of abuse of children in any and all settings. He is well known in the survivor community and highly respected for his research in this area. Australia as a nation has suffered greatly at the hands of organizations that failed in their duty of care towards young persons. John has combined research and experiences, is currently exploring how the Australian Constitution currently fails to protect the human rights of children. His understanding of trauma is immense and in this very murky area to date, he is a beacon of informed knowledge and hope."


A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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No Australian Christian religion aspires to the basic principle of providing Human Rights to Children. The horror of it is that children in Australia by definition are secondary and the property of the religion of their parents and their political representatives.