#CoverUpDay737,383 #TraumaTheory Chapter 169

How many days has the Catholic Cover Up been happening for?

What is Cover up Day about?

Copver up Day is about providing the first safe haven for those who have been rejected, ostracised and shunned from the families and communities becauase they spoke out about being abused by clergy and other religious.

The first requirements in any treatmnent or recovery is to stablise the victim and to then provide them with a safe place so that what ever is need to get recovery happening can take place. These services have never been provided and that is directkly as a result of the strength of the cover up and its completeness in its hatred, anger and rejection of those speaking out.

These atrocities are still too hot a potatoe for weakling politicians to address it seems as until then there will be growing need for safe havens.

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A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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No Australian Christian religion aspires to the basic principle of providing Human Rights to Children. The horror of it is that children in Australia by definition are secondary and the property of the religion of their parents and their political representatives.