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Trauma in Religion






Educating and Informing the Community of a Secular Survivor experience.

Cover up Day 737,358: #TraumaTheory Chapter 172

Secular Survivorship in a Religious Rape and Cover Up Culture

UPDATE: Saturday, August 25, 2018 7:12:38 AM

Only 400 places available from a possible 60+ thousand and you are not going to be on that short list.

Lotto has better odds than that

Feeling screwed over yet? Can't wait to get screwed over again?

Just sit and watch from that invisible vacuum you live in and watch it happen right before your eyes human rights abuses will not get a mention because you have none here in Australia simply because if we did then you and I would have been properly compensated and our abusers investigated.

Does the Latin of the word SANO of Victorian police taskforce fame say "heal" as a verb? Google or see for yourself to see and learn just how the Catholic Church and their God work against you.

Read more on Ballarat Courier story Ticket ballot for survivors to attend PM's National Apology causes unrest

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I stopped believing in supreme beings when I was 4 years old and I understand now that the support I received from my mother and Herbert Kemp had a major impact on my ability to survive where others were driven to withdraw, comply or to suicide as a result of the ownership and control battle with the Catholic Church and resulting shunning and assasination of every aspect of character they experienced when they responded to being abused and trapped within a persecuting human suffering human sacrifice based God cult.
JohnB 7/24/2018 7:44:24 AM

#TraumaTheory Chapter 172 - Lotto has better odds than the Apology Ballot

Human rights are not and can never be respected while a child or adult's life is trapped by the claimed will or word of an unaccountable blackmailing God.

"The Christian religion creates an environment where the child must bend and fold to the experience, the child must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may continue to survive in the environment in which it finds itself" JohnB

The most successful mammals will be those that bring safe and supportive communities together based on the best evidence, the best science and the best understanding of what it means to be human instead of the current what it means to be God's obedient servant..