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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 197

These forms of human parasitism, predation and psychological entrapment are human rights and child entrapment crimes

Monday, November 26, 2018 8:21:09 AM

Chapter 197 These forms of human parasitism, predation and psychological entrapment are human rights and child entrapment crimes

I have an hypothesis about the causes of child abuse in religion and the way the cover up continues to openly operate in the suburbs of Australia.

I separate fact from fiction to ensure that the process and the evidence are not contaminated by connections with gods or religious belief systems and rely on what science, evidence and reason can provide.

The evidence we have today about behavioral habits and the right to freedom of thought are both well understood with copious research and findings in a wide range of mental health related scientific disciplines and more.

My hypothesis says that if you insert a spy into the mind of a trusting child at the earliest possible moment in its life you have a lifelong ability to control the freedom of thought that child is entitled to as you have breached every notion considered in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the convention on the Rights of the Child, Justice, Truth, Morality and every avenue that could lead to the ideals of democracy and free speech. When you can do this to entire populations using funds from the host population you have reached a peak in human predation and human parasitism..

This form of human parasitism and style of child entrapment is no longer acceptable in a modern society and needs to be wiped out like an unwanted disease due to it being the most egregious and socially harmful circumstance a develop nations and humanity has ever openly faced and is blatant exploitation that can only be described as modern day slavery..

Inserting a whistle blowing spy re-enforced with direct life threat into the mind of a trusting child will leave them forever in the control of cohorts of the spy. This process is experienced in their own unique way by every Catholic child.

Will Human rights in Queensland extend to protecting the rights of children to be free from entrapment and lifelong manipulation into abusive cultures that are dependent on unfounded supernatural claims.

Can New Zealand get it right where Australia has failed?

If it can be shown that no Catholic child has ever been affected in the way I describe then my hypothesis must be put aside and can be dismissed else my hypothesis stands simply because of the evidence from across the world of systematic rape of children by clergy and the religious along with abusive institutions based on an abusive and inhumanely intrusive Christian philosophy.

Today human rights, reason, morals, ethics and simply being an unaffected human is the right of every child and every survivor of childhood abuse. Australian survivors have very limited human rights in their own country; New Zealand has a far better human rights record thanks to the ability of government and religion being forced to accept that native people are human beings in their own right because of their mutual biology and the fact that human rights are not defined by beliefs in imaginary never personally appearing warrior and saviour gods of every Christian else you need to burn along with the rest of the fantasy god's enemies.

What an insane, cruel, savage, primitive, child trafficking, child abusing, child raping world we were raised in.

As the world transitions to a knowledge based population with global communication ability we have learned of the scale of the abuses and it is my contention that a substantial portion of those who are no longer Catholic or believers in the mythology that has come along with religions such as Christianity.

... unfinished thoughts . . . .

reasonable, safe, protective and nurturing - forgotten in the lust for the escape offered by the fantasies brought to you by the carriers of bad ideas and gods and demons, prayers, wishful thinking, inquisitions, scapegoats and other people to blame. Pain and suffering along with fractured families is the product of their best works and endeavors made worse by governments who have as a result of tradition and entrapment aided and abetted in the rape of the nations children to soothe the fantasies of those clambering for a pretend companion and unprovable next life who in that struggle make this one insufferable to majority of us.

If every child has a right to the truth and to be free to be who they are then the evidence is clearly in my favour.

Is it systemic or endemic when the medical, care, support and mental health systems are found to be primary weapons supported by similarly religiously constipated policing, justice and legal systems?

Will the human rights of Queenslanders be extended to protection from such an obscene circumstance.

Disclosure: I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse as an early child and have ground up against the face of the cover for the past 25 or more years of the cover in operation. I am a self educated individual simply because later sexual abuse as an 8 year old child by the prolific pedophiles priest Kevin O'Donnell was a major crisis in my Catholic education and a factor in my determination to find real answers to the cause of the abuses and the cover ups and how they work.

A certainty

One of the best things that I was fortunate enough to miss out on was a good Catholic education.

read me ..


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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