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Chapter 109

True Gods and Fractured Minds

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 7:53:49 AM

3 people in one even if they are a God is in reality a fractured traumatised mind in need of genuine human nurturing instead of the mental control of a group of men playing pomp power and ceremonies over insignificant and irrelevant to reality in Rome..

They don't get tired until they fulfill their religious obligations. This makes them relentless psychopaths whose 1st end is the total elimination of anything or anyone who stands in their way

The one true God - 3 people in the one mind - fractured traumatised Catholics

There is nothing more dangerous than someone with a fractured personality as a result of early childhood trauma. There is nothing more fracturing than introducing an outside agent into the defenceless mind of a child.

Are you a Trauma Trained Catholic? - Brief concise and clear statement 10 questions with a score

*nothing more Fractured than a Trauma Trained Catholic
*Trauma Aware catholic
*Trauma Trained Catholic?
*A Misogonistic Catholic?
*A Misandric because of your traumatic catholic upbringing
*Was your Catholic chilldhood a response to facing your first real life threat?
Database this and could be promoted on FB etc - base them on psychology and rate them on morality

Catholics as a demographic are the most stable mentally healthy people in the country. Christians as a demographic are the most stable and mentally healthy individuals when we consider the exemptions they are provided with in policing, governance, health and mental health. In mental health for example the DSM identifies large block of individuals who are exempted from a diagnosis on the basis that the individual can claim or be seen by examiners as being engaged in a religious ritual.

Using this DSM model it is possible for identical experiences and responses of these two individuals or for that matter groups to very large groups to be exempt from a mental health diagnosis on the basis of a claim that your aberrant behaviour is in fact a religious belief, practice or custom or it may be excluded in the law of the country such as in Australia where the gender issue has in effect been resolved and yet religions continue to be provided with exemptions on how they employ, treat and socially engage with anyone other than those perceived to be the peak of human perfection simply because of the closeness to a God who allows them the pleasure of regularly having it both ways and having it paid for by the Australian communit in multiple ways.

Those ways are endless and have helped develop and maintain this inhumane prejudice against other humans on the basis that they ar not at one of only two extreme ends of the human gender/sexuality spectrum. It's a traditional way that Catholic earn the honor being a ruled in hypocrital dictators thanks so many of those men in pink in the Vatican preying on children themselves and then defending themselves and their rapist friends by using the money provided by the people and the governments of the countries they pillage, plunder and rape.

The world will wait mindlessly in denial of the reality of a failed God and religion which has stood for two thousand years and was held in the highest of esteem in all areas of the country and they rape children ceaselessly, they raped and overpowered vulnerable men and women taking them as concubines inside this failed system.

A system by the way that has specifically written into the Constitution of Australia a total and complete ban against any examination or restriction on any aspect claimed to be a part of the same set of exemptions given by the DSM and government in those inhumane times in recent Australia.

Why the Christian religion is psychologically unhealthy and unsafe for children

Are you a Humanist Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

Are you a traumatized Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

Are you a trauma trained Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

Are you a Moral Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

Are you a Duped Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

Are you a Defrauded Catholic? - quick 10 questions with a score

than a Trained and Psychologically Traumatised Catholic No child can survive the onslaught of a deceptive or fraudulent God

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John Brown is the developer, author and publisher of Trauma in Religion a theory that describes the origin of the human rights abuses the Catholic Church inflicts on Catholic children. His interests include human rights for all Australians that should act as a clear boundary for all institutions regardless of an individuals thoughts on their favorite supreme being, gods, demons or spirits engaging in secular Australian communities; trauma and recovery and the crimes, criminal and psychological behaviours of the fearful bonded Catholics. John blogs erratically here on his personal experiences on a range of topics that interest him where he speaks when he has success or failures with professionals and has learned of the need for trauma informed and evidence based professional care. This experience has added to his interest that go on to include the many abuses of the continuing criminal cover up on his FAQyMe Gene blog and will shortly release his first FAQyMe podcast with Paul Levey on Paul's recent experience with mental health first aid. I like to be able to inform people of things that bring benefit and can relieve the psychological suffering that many Catholic children still suffer from daily as well many now elderly adults are confused as the truth of the criminal activity is exposed.

I found it was good advice with regard to recovery from trauma to explore your attachments and/or other relationship vulnerabilities and safely with evidence based trauma informed specialists or you can privately Learn the Science of Healthy Attachment Relationships in a safe, low cost self timed manner.

I researched the nerve growth factor found in the Lion's Mane fungi and take a daily capsule as a supplement. I have gained benefit from that .

I find the brain chemical, brain disease and medication model to be a flawed monster and the medication regime to be abhorrent and inhumane with a strong taint of cooperation with the covering up of child rape and other crimes.

I was fortunate enough to have obtained the services of Dr Julian Lim when he was working in Toowoomba but unfortunately we lost connection for a while. Reconnecting with an experienced and well qualified trauma informed evidence based professional make him the safest and the most knowledgeable I have engaged with and this has been transformational for me. Dr Lim has my full and confident recommendation. Dr Julian Lim


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