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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 205

Out of culture again - Not for me

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 8:08:14 AM

Having to recently explain a primary principle of democracy in Australia (representative governance) and to explain that human beings have a right to engage with their elected officials (representatives) required me to re-evaluate the circumstances that put or got me in to such a situation.

Because someone else experiences fear of a possible injustice because the representative openly belongs to a culture that has recently been shown to have failed the trust of millions of fellow Catholics here in Australia and the entire billion people in the sexual abuse of children and the denial of justice to them when the issue has been examined and disclosed to the general population has children who still go to a Catholic school and because of this my right to address criminal, redress and justice issues I and others experience are still deemed to be offensive and an act designed to restrict the education of my representatives children (and possibly other children) and my representatives' ability to make choices about the education of his own children.

The notion is beyond explanation and is filled with fallacies, misconceptions, inconsistencies and filled with logical holes and logic bombs fraught with extremes of bigotry, prejudice, judgement, bad psychology, psychological blackmail, legal, justice and human rights issues and includes mixed and confused personality and authentication issues that do not belong to me as they only spread and build increasing ignorance pain and suffering for those who are forced by circumstance to have to engage with it socially, emotionally, morally or ethically. It lacks balance, respect and good intentions.

I will not allow the cognitive limitations of someone else to interfere emotionally or abusively with my life and any relationships I might have.

When concerns for the welfare of the children of my elected representative and the postulated at some point into the future potential for them to go or not go to a particular Catholic school can become the pivot point for abusive and bully engagement it is time for me to take myself out of that environment.

I enjoy reasonable company and conversations and I hope to continue to experience these on occasion and am willing to assist where I can with bits and pieces as we have done in the past however it will be necessary to conduct or discuss that away from your home and will not include any further discussions as to my engagements with the law, government or other people as the bias referenced above can only be harmful and damaging to myself directly and harmful and damaging to me through dissemination or discussion with others.

Given that when a description of how our democracy works was provided and acknowledged did not bring about a change; instead it simply brought a change of tactics and argument hence my need to no longer permit myself to be exposed to such circumstances again.

I consider the root cause of this to be a result of the trauma humans experience when past and present teaching children impossible implausible supernatural, superstitious claptrap revolving around gods, ghosts, spirits, demons and any other fabled construct as though these delusions are factual life truths instead of teaching how the veracity checks and balances of scientific principles are superior, more precise, carry no emotional baggage of their own and are more able to get to the truth of what it is to be a human being and what it means to engage safely, peacefully and reasonably with other human beings without projecting ones own emotional limitations and/or the projection of blame or guilt for ones own unresolved beliefs or experiences on to other people.

The cognitive shifts and personal endeavors and undertakings required by each individual touched by this lunacy is a social issue that remains unaddressed by consecutive government and therefore remains their responsibility despite and regardless of personal opinions on that aspect just as it is my responsibility to care for myself by removing myself and adding distance to wherever I encounter such experiences. If following attacks were not direct, threatening or personal I could give the whole situation reconsideration; however I see nothing that indicates there is any positive potential and only positives to increased stress, repetitious crisis generation and ugly unresolved projections that I am not responsible for and seek and want no part of.


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