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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 223

Is this the Australian ''Fair Go''?

Thursday, 14 March 2019 1:01:13 PM

Chapter 223 Is this the Australian ''Fair Go''?

The question now is how will the general population of Catholics and those who have moved away from the Church respond?

Will they come together to support the victims? Perhaps launch a public appeal to help the many who are still not receiving financial support to help them access the services they need and to help that take a few steps back toward the life of an average Australian.

Remember all those cries when our numbers were sought to bolster the cause and exposure of groups; "No amount of money is too much".

How many stood up and shouted "That amount is not enough" when the redress package was dropped from being one of the cheapest packages in any redress schemes by $50,000. How many stood up when counselling was limited and how many saw the justice in denying those who fell to criminal behaviour as a result of the crimes committed against them?

Every one of these Australians should be provided with a home that they own as well as a bank account sufficient for their welfare and wellbeing for the balance of their life and the lives of their children and siblings?.

Anything less after extended resistance by bishops, cardinals, popes and the Vatican who with unlimited financial resources from the pockets of the people of their country for lawyers and cover ups while none was genuinely provided to compensate their victims. Instead they promoted obstruction and subterfuge at every opportunity against their vulnerable victims.

They acted as though the ability to rape children was their right as it fulfilled a vital function for the clergy to reach their destined position in the Catholic next life. Just how many still think and act in these ways is not known.

With a cap of $150,000 to a very, very few Australians has shown itself not only to be an injustice from a nation with hypocrisy, empty words and inability to take the right actions at almost every level of governance.

The Catholic Church alone has billions in property holdings that are in many instances the direct profit of child sex crimes.

Which Australian police service is conducting investigations into the property fraud that was common in my childhood.

When will we hear from police in each state and territory with an explainer beyond "different times" from police and when will they make public their policies and procedures where police officers of the same religion as the assailant form or take part in investigations and decision making. These policies and procedures must be open and transparent and available to the public..

If policing were to do the just thing each state and territory would have a dedicated taskforce to review every matter that came before them and has not yet progressed through to justice for the victims.

Even the most modest of notions of justice are not being met by the current scheme.

The greatest hypocrisy of all is that great Australian "Fair Go".


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