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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 230

Why an elected Christian representative this election may be harmful to Australia's children

Chapter 230 Why an elected Christian representative this election may be harmful to Australia's children

The dreaded word secular that Catholic bishops publicly rail on while forgetting the past and present active rapists among the membership of the Catholic clergy.

Who better to publicly hate on and to set as a target than the ideal of secularism for Australia and Australians.

What is better to target than the things that are truly needed in these times of the extensive and undeniable knowledge of the global clergy abuse crisis.

Who better than an official open and public about their support and connection with Catholic bishops and of their lifelong association with this organization that has been shown to be morally, ethically and sexually corrupt on a global scale for as far back into history as you are able to delve.

How secular are our elected officials and how secularly are they running the country you might ask when you can almost randomly pick an elected official in Canberra and look into their pathway to power and recognize that they have come along on the Christian ticket and that means protecting the "rights and beliefs" of the Catholic Church before the Human Rights of the children that have been raped.

That has been the power that has enabled decades of protection for Catholic criminals in every police jurisdiction in the country and yet no words are to be heard on that and the continuing cover up here in Australia going back to federation and beyond.

The current prime minister has a strong association with an evangelical religion that was the focus of abhorrent child sexual abuse and cover up allegations and findings due to the work of the recent Royal Commission. The Prime minister himself apologized for the abuse and followed by allowing a $50,000 reduction in compensatory payments in an already systemically dysfunctional and biased redress scheme.


Christian affiliations abound across all areas of policy, governance, regulation, management and community; the question that raises is are they able to fairly represent the people of their electorate?

Pick from examples like Scott Morrison, Bill Shorten, Kristina Kineally, John McVeigh who speaks openly of his wonderful connection at a bishop level. The level that has been accused and shown to have covered up and engaged in crimes against children at every opportunity to intervene in the true course of human rights and justice.

Can these men and women of these Christian religions be relied on to bring us better that what tens upon tens of thousands of Australian children were placed in danger, abused, identified and abandoned again at the highest levels of governance, democracy, justice and human rights and rarely is a ripple of dissension discernible in the community or in the parliaments in Canberra and across the country.

Can a man like John McVeigh fairly represent a victim survivor of child sexual abuse that was blocked and stymied and involved the local bishop. Could the victim of these crimes be expected to receive the full support of people like John McVeigh and others so strongly connected to religious criminals.

Until justice has been served and the Catholic Church has been shown to have made full restoration to those abused anyone representing them should be looked upon with serious concerns for the safety of every child in their community because to do otherwise may bring the wrath of the bishop or fellow clergyman who can "make or break" his political career.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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