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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 24

The Royal Commission

Message to siblings "I offer the following for your review and the review of anyone you may choose to review it with. I will if you wish publish any response as anonymous if you may want that option or pass on to anyone you like."

With regard to my recollections of a childhood incident where I saw a younger sibling pull away from the grasp of a Catholic clergyman and running for her life home whilst in tears - less than 1 minute of my life that has not faded. Here I am trying to be as detached as I can and I attempt to reason on the basis of the way the Royal Commission explains how it comes to a finding - that mostly is referred to as on the balance of probabilities.

Of those remaining alive how many were alive when Herbie Kemp was alive or were only babies at that time?

December 2016: 7 in total. 6 siblings fit the above criteria.

How many of those who were children at the time when he was a close friend to the family?

December 2016: Peter (dec) Ann and Robert had left home seeking work by 1962.

How many of them were molested by Herbie or was he someone who stood up for them and their safety?

Have there been any other reports of him molesting children?

December 2016: No reports from siblings. No reports from school or church groups/entities. No reports from the rest of the community.

December 2016. There are no additional reports.

There have been no reports from anyone else with regard to his sexual safety towards children; at the same time I have evidence that the priest is known to taskforce SANO in relation to child sexual abuse.

What are the recollections of surviving children with regard to their childhood experiences with Herbert Kemp?

December 2016. There are no public statements on this.

Using the Commissions methodology on the balance of probabilities and the requirement to look at the evidence. The evidence says they must make a similar conclusion.

The balance of probabilities is in my favour.

Strongly in my favour.

Reader "if Sano know of the priest ..where is the hold up"

That was one of the motivators in me having another push to get a fair review. JohnB>

Guest: "Herbie kemp l have no recollection of at all...never heard his name associated with any abuse"

I understand that and I postulate that with rare but biased exception I predict that no one has or will come forward and those who are honest with themselves be able to describe him as a champion and as a defender and protector children - as I recall every one of them at some point benefited from his intervention be it getting thruppence to go the the pictures, to a ride on his knee in a 1942 Morriss Oxford and he let you pretend to do gears and steering and there were times when he had run up and down that hill giving everyone the same safe and fantastic fun treatment. JohnB

There is no need to feel fear simply through engaging in this conversation. In fact failing to engage in a rational, considered way adds weight to the notion of my trauma theory, which, by the way some claim to reject as too horrific. I understand the horror; that is why I am here. JohnB

Guest: as for sharing information with others...I am only interested in the truth ...not in other peoples opinions, especially those not based on any evidence or those opinions based on prejudice or some other bullshit reason. therefore l seek the truth for myself through evidence.... thats all l have to base anything on..Who is this Priest...where else has he offended....

He was alive when I spoke with him on the phone - that was around 2002 to 2005 perhaps period in a wheel chair in a hostel of some sort beachside for Catholic clergy - may have been a hostel or. He was a new priest to Yea - the day was St Patricks Day and the time was between 10 and 11 am JohnB

As for what the police hold I am not pirvvy to that - I do have a record of conversation where the SANO officer says that he knew that name in relation to child sexual abuse JohnB

That record is amongst the evidence I want to get to the VOCAT inquiry JohnB

Guest: if SANO have his name the commission must have his name as well

most likely - told them of what I know - he may well be dead by now as that was 15 or more years ago when I first went to Victorian police about it since the time before that - I think I was in my early 20s when I gave up for a while. JohnB

Guest: But if the priest has a history of sex abuse. and if he was in Yea at the that time then where is the problem.. same goes for the nuns

OH NO you must not talk about as you will get into serious trouble and then of course you get to join John on his journey to hell and they become responsible in the sickest of the insanity of this religion. JohnB

Good policing would have stepped up in that regard many many years ago JohnB

The following is an email I sent to one of the best support individuals at the Royal Commission after learning that I would no longer have access to his support - I have edited out his name - I was recently transferred to his manager as my point of contact - after two phone calls I contacted the Commission to seek an alternative person as the person I had been allocated was not a safe person for myself and in my opinion not safe for survivors abused in ritual settings.


-------- Forwarded Message --------

Subject: JohnB - A professional a contrasting experience

Date: Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:34:30 +1000


To: A professional

[A Professional] it has been I just realised a very short while ago that you somehow got to step into some of the toxic insanities in my life.

Here is a takeaway for you - I gage safety against the risks a professional driver would face; I consider the driving environment to be one of high risk and we manage the complexity of risk evaluation. We are told that we survivors do not take risks like other people and I say we take far greater risks when dealing with Institutions and affected people and then I look at the role that you took on and I Thank You for being the safest person from an Institution that I have ever had the pleasure of shaking the hand of.

Thank you for all the help you have provided for me, I have gained greatly from the experience.

How do you describe the experience of knowing someone for only 6 months and yet in their engagement with me they have touched safely on a million places in my life since my earliest memories - the return of sanity to us is essential for our wellbeing and I am thankful for you helping me find a safe pathway through a superstitious fog whose origins endorse the consumption of the life and the mind of the vulnerable children that we were as a result of the circumstance of our birth and their place in generational cycles of trauma, control, blackmail, abandonment, threat and insanity perhaps because anything outside of reality and provable science have to be grasped at by the myth holders so that they do not lose access to the power they have that can be used to crush children. I guess they just have not yet worked that one out or they missed something in their childhood, have they not yet learned how to self evaluate; did they miss first principles or do they not understand the words acculturate, death cult, human sacrifice culture. I thought we had taken huge evolutionary steps when humans stopped burying children in post holes and yet they are still being offered up to same toxic mythology and superstition that destroyed our lives

I hope the lack of experienced professionals has at least been touched on in the redress area or at some point in this inquiry as being the lifelong enemy of both church and state despite my lifelong protestations has changed little yet with regard to protecting the rights of children to be free of such bullshit. Becoming an equal human being in my country of birth is still an experience that I am looking forward to - perhaps a different institution in the future.

Wow that highlight of Trauma Informed and Evidence Based support soon got buried in discussions on cherry picked versions of scripture with the jehovahs and the the Catholic bishop and I had to conclude that the problem for those who need a god is that they just got the wrong version as the bishop described so very well. You just had to conjure up a delusion of a happy god and sure enough after a while everything looks rosy and nothing needs attending to, well except,

That feels better I just needed to grab another space where my type of reality and my understanding can find a place for a moment. Check. Yep. Same form of insanity he had in early childhood.




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