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Can allowing clergy to marry solve the child rape crisis of todays' religions?

Sunday, 14 July 2019 12:10:20 PM

Allowing clergy to marry might reduce the number of children raped by clergy who are try to stay within the confines of the rules of the Catholic religion so that they get to live for eternity so long as they don't break the wrong rules.

Children have been the traditional target for these delusional and compromised people who inflict their fantasy beliefs on the rest of the population.

Letting clergy marry might bring the offender numbers within the Catholic religion less than what it currently is but well above the abuse rate of religions who allow married clergy simply because allowing marriage does not alter any of the dozens of other rules within the religion that have at times a much greater influence on the conduct of clergy and privileged people in our communities.

For the Catholic Church marriage also has an issue for them over property and wealth and the rights of children to inherit the property of the parents.

While offering marriage as a solution in reality it does not offer much toward any appropriate solution and in fact it is one of many 'red herrings' or 'smoke screens' that obfuscate the reality that powers the current abuses and the inability of a so called religion to acknowledge and provide justice to those it abuses as it has preached to the rest of us for past centuries.

Part of that reality comes from the ability of Catholic clergy to introduce the poisonous Catholic concept of a God and Satan connected to Catholic clergy into the mind of unsuspecting children prior to reaching adulthood that strips them of their dignity, independence and their human right to self determination trapping them forever in a compromised mental state and a life of fearful servitude and obedience to the dictates and doctrines of Catholicism coming from the foreign nation state of the Vatican and the Holy See.

When those issues are addressed then perhaps married clergy may become more appropriate, however it is capable only of a reduction as the other causes and issue that have contributed remain unaddressed..


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John Brown is the author, developer and publisher of Trauma in Religion a theory that describes the origins of the human rights abuses the Catholic Church inflicts on Catholic children.

John blogs erratically here, most often without commas or other punctuation, linguistic, identity or grammatical rules in his own unique self acquired style about his personal experiences on a range of topics that interest or affect himself and other survivors where he writes of his successes and failures in his task of obtaining only trauma informed and evidence based secular professional care and services and in necessary engagements with the judiciary and government.

His interests include Human Rights for all Australians that should act as a clear boundary for all institutions regardless of an institutions or individuals thoughts on their favorite supreme being, gods, demons or spirits engaging in secular Australian communities; trauma and recovery from the crimes, criminal and psychological behaviours of the product of generations of the hijacking of a favored social position by a rape encultured clergy and the helpless aiding and abetting by fearful bonded Catholics in modern secular Australia.

John sees the need to promote equality and human rights through the need for safety and equality in community, care and education systems when it comes to religious beliefs as a result of directly experiencing and learning that millions of others experienced similar pathological use of religious beliefs including extortion, bribery, blackmail and doctrinal failures such as the forgiveness process as practised in the Catholic world. As one only example of this in the world of business and governance, the reality is that "Twenty-three of the 25 biggest private welfare agencies in Australia are faith-based". This does not reflect the needs or the sentiments of the Australian community and directly fails the 60,000 who came forward to the Royal Commission, their families and the millions who are waiting for real signs of safety so that they too can come forward and begin their recovery.

This experience has added to his interests that go on to include the many abuses of the continuing criminal cover up on his FAQyMe Gene blog and recently stepped outside of his comfort zone through joining Glen Fisher on a testing of the world of podcasting.

John likes to be able to inform people of things that bring benefit and can relieve the psychological suffering that knows so many Catholic children still suffer from daily. As well many now elderly are confused and suffer also as the truth and the reality of the global scale of the criminal activity of their clergy and accomplices is brought to the world.

John found it was good advice with regard to recovery from trauma to explore your attachments or other relationship and safety vulnerabilities with evidence based trauma informed specialists or you can privately Learn the Science of Healthy Attachment Relationships in a safe, low cost self timed manner.

He researched the nerve growth factor found in the Lion's Mane fungi and now take a daily capsule as a supplement to assist with recovery and management of childhood injuries.John gains health benefits and pain reduction with that .

He finds the brain chemical, brain disease and medication model to be a flawed monster and the medication regime to be abhorrent and inhumane with a strong taint of cooperation with the covering up of child rape and other crimes.

John was fortunate enough to have obtained the services of Dr Julian Lim when he was working in Toowoomba but unfortunately we lost connection for a while. Reconnecting with an experienced and well qualified trauma informed evidence based professional make him the safest and the most knowledgeable professional I have engaged with and this has been transformational for me. Dr Lim has my full and confident recommendation. Dr Julian Lim


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