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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 291

The shame of being connected with the Catholic Church

Monday, 30 September 2019 10:20:16 AM

It really is that offensive to be identified as being from the same species. When we do meet aliens or Elon's space ships are on their way back bringing irrefutable knowledge that confirms that homo sapiens is not a God created creature. Instead we are an evolved species related to the other primates with a history back to before gods were ever thought of and that brings along with it many many issues that need to be examined with a clear sense of the seriousness of the matter and the outcomes if we get it wrong. Outcomes where children are kidnapped, trafficked and raped by clerics and their followers with immunity for centuries such that we are increasingly seeing in the public arena today. The evidence is overwhelming.


The belief of a different origin than the one that the evidence points to on every slice yet whenever examined has come to the conclusion that no evidence exists for the Christian creation mythology. The historical way the right to be free to rape and pillage under the rules for gods is the longest lived anomaly of the Christian culture that we come from.

Looking back on what uninspiring nonsense so much of it has turned out to be is the next milestone for humanity and human rights for every individual one of us. .

Had we followed through it is not unreasonable to say that more than a million children were raped, kidnapped or trafficked through institutions under the management of consecutive governments.

Examination of religious doctrines are derived from various primitive times in our development into and advancing civilization. Except this along with the human rights of children are not negotiable.

There has never been a more distinct point of separation. Secular, trauma informed, evidence based is the most successful way to recovery. People who have a belief in a next life with countless seamless integrated threats that direct their actions and motivations must not be permitted to ever be honored in a responsible society that is simply wishing to survive successfully without their children being raped by institutionally protected clergy.

Protecting the privileges of unexamined and unregulated religions has resulted in a comprehensive rejection by our digital bias detecting system set to ensure that policy unless it is supported by replicable evidence can seep in to pollute the data of future generations simply because the evidence had been in since the last millennium; it has just taken almost 20 years to see the beginning of setting right the plunder that clericalism has forced on to every individual in the country.


Children today are still subjected to psychologically induced bondage to the religion of their parents. No child should be the subject to such a life altering, inhumane form of mental slavery and modern day bondage.

There is little wriggle room left to speculate on why Australia has only had human rights aspirations since the end of the Second World War. Had their wishes been honored instead of being diverted, delayed and despised by bishops and clerical of all types and their obedient biased adherents over the past 70 years Australia would not be facing the horror we do today of child rape, kidnapping, trafficking and more. The outcome has been shown to be one where the Australian people get gypped again into funding the criminal gods of Hillsong, the Vatican and others while their god preaching mates ask you to pray for rain while children publicly plead for some evidence and sanity in our failed systems of governance still mired in primitive rules and edicts from a very different time without the benefit of modern science and evidence.

The fraud of religion has never been subjected to an examination like it currently is in its entirety.

Never in its history has the Church and religion been put under global examination like it is today.

The turning point in our history where the evidence was freely available to any who chose to seek it out was passed somewhere between today and the 1990s. The greatest thing about that is that it went unnoticed and is past. Gone. Unable to return. From there the life span of the current pantheon of gods ticked a moment in time that said they were past their useby date.

I am pondering what name to give to the moment. What to call it. Is it a peaceful and acceptable end of an ugly era?


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?


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John Brown is an Australian First Fleet descendent born into a constitutionally protected God based, death obsessed, rape, blackmail and exploitation oriented religious culture. He is the author, developer and publisher of Trauma in Religion a theory that describes the origins of the human rights abuses the Catholic Church inflicts on Catholic children globally. Google #TraumaTheory

When not seeking evidence and proofs to invalidate his hypothesis John blogs erratically here, most often without commas or other punctuation, linguistic identity or grammatical rules in his own unique self acquired style as a matter of public interest and public safety about his personal experiences on a range of topics that interest or affect himself and other survivors where he writes of his successes and failures in his task of obtaining only trauma informed, science and evidence based secular professional care and services and in necessary engagements with the judiciary and other government systems.

His interests include Human Rights for all Australians that should act as a clear boundary for all institutions regardless of an institutions or individuals thoughts on their favorite supreme being, gods, demons or spirits engaging in secular Australian communities; trauma and recovery from the crimes, criminal and psychological behaviours of the product of generations of the hijacking of a favored social position by a rape encultured clergy and the helpless aiding and abetting by fearful bonded Catholics in modern secular Australia have been a life-long interest.

John sees the need to promote equality and human rights through the need for safety and equality in community as well as in care and education systems when it comes to religious beliefs as a result of directly experiencing and learning that millions of others experienced similar pathological use of religious beliefs including extortion, bribery, blackmail and through doctrinal failures such as the forgiveness process as practised in the Catholic world.

As one only example of this in the world of business and governance, the reality is that "Twenty-three of the 25 biggest private welfare agencies in Australia are faith-based". John contends that this does not reflect the needs or the sentiments of the Australian community and directly fails the 60,000 who came forward to the Royal Commission, their families and the millions who are waiting for real signs of safety so that they too can come forward and begin their recovery.

This experience has added to his interests that go on to include the many abuses of the continuing criminal cover up on his FAQyMe Gene blog.

John likes to be able to inform people of things that bring benefit that can relieve the psychological suffering that he knows so many Catholic children still suffer from daily.. As well many now elderly are confused and suffer also as the truth and the reality of the global scale of the criminal activity of their clergy and accomplices is brought to the world.

John found it was good advice with regard to recovery from trauma to explore attachment or other relationships and safety vulnerabilities with evidence based trauma informed specialists or you can privately Learn the Science of Healthy Attachment Relationships in a safe, low cost self timed manner.

He finds the brain chemical, brain disease and medication model to be a seriously flawed monster and the medication regime to be abhorrent and inhumane with a strong taint of cooperation with the covering up of child rape and other crimes. 18 June 2018: ICD-11 now includes CPTSD while the 70 to 80% here in Australia will remain largely misdiagnosed and in that becomes a human rights crime openly committed in Australia. What say You?

John was fortunate enough to have obtained the services of Dr Julian Lim when he was working in Toowoomba but unfortunately lost connection for a period of time. Reconnecting with an experienced and well qualified trauma informed evidence based professional make him the safest and the most knowledgeable professional John has engaged with and this has been transformational for him. Dr Lim has his full and confident recommendation. Dr Julian Lim Dr Lim has a noted place among those people who have had a positive influence on his life.

If you have an interest in preserving this content beyond my lifespan please get in touch.


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