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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 292

Ozi Ozi Ozi Oi Oi we still get paranoid about human rights in Australia

Tuesday, 1 October 2019 9:20:39 AM

Take some examples of leadership from the best Australia has to offer.

70 Years of aspirations of the Australian people neglected while their children were systematically raped and abused by clerics run riot in every government authority across the country. Today they have been begrudgingly given a doorway to a justice system that has traditionally been used to systematicaly retraumatize the victims of the powerful and wealthy individuals, organisations and institutions strangle hold on systemic failure and corruption.

Papal knights were able to hold dual roles while being sworn to both Church and state with the Church pedophiles getting the most benefit while the Church profited from the people.

The ink is still not dry on the findings of the Royal Commission and yet government leadership moves to shore up and protect the very institutions named and shamed by the evidence put on the record by the Commission. Australian antics have not sunk to this level for some considerable time.

The God of Christianity has been shown to be an accomplice many times in the rape of thousands upon thousands of innocent children.

What a unforgettable, unforgiveable stain on the nation. when the headlines read "God's men do his bidding by raping and abusing the most innocent and vulnerable in our society."

For 70 years we have had human rights sitting on our books along with a resounding Yes from Australians who fought and suffered so that we all had a safe way to find peace and safety. We didn't get it. Instead we got increasing numbers of children raped, molested, abused and neglected by governments whose responsibility it was to protect children. Instead they filled the coffers of the religions and religious from the pockets of all Australians.

Give the people of Australia a Bill of Rights that applies to each and every individual in the way Australians wanted when we signed on to the Universal Declaration in 1948.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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