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Educating and Informing the Community of a Secular Survivor experience.

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It is noted that the claim of holding evidence by Robert Brown showing that I am a fraud has not been mentioned since internal inquiries were made via Peter O'Callaghan's office.

The question remains as to whether Robert Brown actually has evidence to support his statement that he has evidence to prove that I was not abused as a child and if so where is that evidence.

Similar questions have to be asked as to the reasons why O'Callaghan dropped my claim based on the statement of my sister Janette who was around 4 years of age when I was abused by O'Donnell and I am at a loss as to what she may know that would prove that I was not abused as a child by Catholic clergy

Holder of evidence not born at this stage

My abuse as a 3.5 year old occurred before my sister was born, does her statement go to my claim re my abuse before she was born?

One has to ask if this is another instance where events some 30 years after my abuse can be claimed as evidence that I was not abused as a child by Catholic clergy.

Also of note is that when asked for copies of transcript of interview with other family members (who have advised as to what they provided to O'Callaghan and that that flies in the face of claims by my sister and brother) and those copies of transcripts can no longer be found according to O'Callaghan's office. In order for those statements to have any legal standing they must be produced else those claims of statement cannot be substantiated and can only be seen as vexatious.

Another bout of events happening many years after my abuse being used to deny my abuse. The lack of logic and reason in that is simply staggering.

Events some 6 years after my abuse at 8 years of age have been deemed sufficient by Peter O'Callaghan to deny my claim. This 6 years later claim has been ceased upon by Peter O'Callaghan to deny my claim and in that process has denied me my right to justice.

My claim now is that Peter O'Callaghan and his use of spurious "evidence" some 6 years later to deny me my natural right to justice.

It happened and then it didn't

The events referred to by Peter O'Callaghan are events that took place some 6 years after my abuse by O'Donnell. Attempts to obtain information about these claims have proved unsuccessful as Peter O'Callaghan is unwilling to provide copies of the statement by my sister that relate to those events some 6 years after my abuse.

Is it truly plausible that people can be compromised and kept in a perpetual state of fear from early childhood and on through all of adulthood today as a result of childhood indoctrination? Surely their Human Rights will have been breached if that is the case.

John Brown the author and publisher was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school and then a final year at Yea High. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle. He left Yea ...... read more

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Human rights for Catholic children exist only if they remain bonded through the abusive practices of a culture with the longest history of war, rape, genocide and child abuse humanity has ever encountered.

Human rights do not exist in the Catholic religion unless the perceived rights of gods, demons, angels, devils, poltergeists and a myriad of other mythical creatures and superstitions are met to the satisfaction of those traumatically bonded to Catholicism through their own abusive childhood experience

"Catholicism creates an environment where the child must bend and fold to the experience and the child must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may survive in the environment in which it finds itself" JohnB