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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 307

A valid world view example

Monday, 23 December 2019 9:56:05 AM

From a discussion on abusive cultures within religions 2019.

What is needed is a data rich slideshow with voice over - about  hour long linked to surveys and additional

so  who will replace scummo as pm?

will it be a case of his god does not meet my gods psychopathic standards

Will be interesting to see.  He is doing his befuddled daggy dad routine atm

ah - the innocent me routine - getting outraged will take a while yet - good leaves him with unresolved public percerrption - i figure his political life is done

I do hope so.  Landfill , the metaphor

it will fester internally fort them - good to kn ow they are human

Next we have to examine the party structure that created this excresence . It did not get to be pm on its merits

so that calls for a diversion or a conversion ?

my philosophy is clear on that - the issue comes at the points where we c oncentrate power in the  implied sanity of our "representative" system. - thats where change can be done and is needed

Representative of whom ? Sanity vs sociopathocracy?

yes - the representation option is not what it is made out to be - possibly worked back in 1901 when our population was very small and 96% believed in the christian concept

it works suitably in that arena - it fails us today

it obviously lacks the ability to represent ttiwof a region

the same area has issues when it comes to religious cultures dominating in the  societal system

He is a fucking sociopath

I think ther eis room  for discussion about an article even a video production  on that aspect

those aspects

Right now we see the mediocracy  ruling the created idiocracy for the benefit of the sociopathocracy

and he is offensive whet he does  best is hijack the conversation that we need to have

Middle management types that could not organize a boozeup in a brothel

Offensive is an understatement

they are  stooges who have different masters


the inability for a biased individual to be able to fairly represent the views of a region  is a fallacy - focus on that failure is my view

they havent thought beyond the immediate

The opportunity put forward the need to  give Australians a Bill of Rights is something I think needs a a reminder in there

We need a bill of rights plus a statement that clearly defines the duties of any government towards the electorate.  There is none at the moment.  We are beset by the ' sovereign ' head idea, one that is then applied by dysfunctional committees

if the candidate meets the commercial standards as set tttycan remain religiously bigoted and biased under the protection of freedom of religion - thats a farce that needs to be exposed more

That is the core of our hierarchial thinking - hierarchial processes are not democratoc - that is a basic point of conflict with those notions

The concept of ' our betters '

I am convinced that this is the direct result of a culture living with trauma .

it is

generational trauma

it has become our culture

and things that are over protected this way are permitted to deeply seep into the core of human systems.

Essentially a culture of ' rape ' at every level . Not just sexual . Intellectual,  emotional etc. Individuals are drawn to power structures that mimic the protective carer ( patriarch)

That culture has been allowed to exist - the  core of that came with every police jurisdiction and larger number sof political representatives devising the cover up of child rape by Catholic clergy - that was extended to every form of clergy and hierarc hy  across every social system

all onus is put on the defenceless child - they carry the full load of every error of their predecessors

its a weird system that loads their children this way - handicaps them at birth

No need to get distracted by the singular elements that reinforce this structure.  Until we address the actual mindset that empowers the rape culture ( which extends far beyond churches and other influencers) nothing will change. At the moment we see the challenge only when a child is raped , a person is destroyed.  There should not be a first time , a one off trigger repeated ad nausea.

agree in m any ways

It is in the very nature of the opportunistic predator to seek out gratification,  both in power and to satisfy sexual urges. Until we get over the taboos and lies and deception re human sexuality,  human fears , the lies will enable and empower the predators at every level .

I saw tyhe shock  at 9/11

timothy mcveigh - there have been many before - I even got to meet the m an who attempted to poision perths water supply under direct instructions fro  jesus

and his dad

wdoes the psychologist or how does  v iew  it? it  is a human issue and it is reactive and toxic

It the nature of humans. Thing is , they are taught to emulate gods but barely manage to be decent human beings.

And that bs has gone in since the first half ape thought it a good story to share


and many systems have come  together - systems that are derived from or flourished as a result of

these guys  touch on it  from  a different vantage point at 1hr 05 mins

See , there is a difference between the stories shared.  Our apes saw desertfication in the middle east and had to migrate to survive. They had no understanding of the causes of the chaos that embroiled them. The world view of desert apes is very different from the ones that lived in fertile plains like China.  Those ones had no need to look for influencers among the gods .

it is steeped in the ignoramnce of our biology and reality

Look at China and its lack of interest in a patriarchal god

It goes right back to the roots of civilization

they just felt theyt were at the centre of the earth and when a  good flood came it washed away their poor standard homews - build a bigger boat becomes a dream for humans

and a myth for the gods to weild in their perpetual quest tyo be satisfied

it is only 20  or so  years now  since the general public has  had  access to real knowledge  about the  world we are  living in

that reality is scary enough when the basis  of our communities have been shown to harbour  rapists of every form at its breast

in both church and governmentsd

and more so when they hold hands

What would you expect from desert dwellers trying to survive? Secrecy and tribalism at the expense of the individual is inherent in the system.

Lead by a world of men who have been educated in the schools and religions that groping women and raping and beating children was an approved way to raise them.

That mindset was then translated onto cultural settings that were very different from deserts


Love that quote from Alice Miller  - finding as that is appropriate right here  - morality and performance of duty are  articificial means

You can do what you will with property

yes and veryone has a  "right" to make as  much money as they  want

The amoral will always seek to describe morality as a tool to control others

property owner was the man of the house - he  own his wife children and slaves - they were all his just different duties

describing how they were able to skirt around their own moral obligations


excuse making

The rest is property maintenance and control over property

and evey bit of it protected under freedom to practice an immoral religion

No tests on any function no matter how bigoted, criminal or psychologically abberant that is as  ity  can be  obfuscated y opinions and versions and be excluded from any form of examination or co0ntrol

That works fine if the berneficiary is all powerful and true - you get problems with the rest every time

and you fracture and destroy  the core elements  of  the community    leaving us with the empty shell we have where a nation state of rapists is protected by our constitution 116

The real problem is that the root causes are never discussed.

its quite bizxarre

It represents no more than the convoluted evolution of desert dwellers dreaming

just as the logical outcome and reality is avoided and as they have been taught and instructed they slip into automated defence of the things they are the most afraid of


Every thing is rooted in the original cultural setting

problem that I  see with ours and the desert dwellers that I came into contact some of those knew and un bderstood that these wree strange b  arbaric gods who people invested power in

the desert culture I met didn't empower people in this way

The fear ,the hunger and the hostility. Compare that to peoples living in jungles or long term productive plains

it was a culture  they  had  not experienced

their philosophy was to try to defend their territory whereas the xtian go0d authorised the overtakin g and  the killing of any resistence

The desert dwellers of the abrahamic faiths developed in rather bizarre ways.

yes - lots of ugly stuff came together and they  had a custom of waging wars over their godly beliefs - we inhereted that unfortunately

its an idea that society needs to understand as we are vulnerable to it and its ramifications on a daily basisis

the federal political system has become the default way for religions to proselytize to the people and that came to us as a result of the flaw of  a Constitution protecting without any form of oversight any  or all religions under 116.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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