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The TFYQA Award is made by victims of clergy abuse to those individuals in society who have undertaken their role in public office in the spirit of that role, to individuals in our community who have matured enough to be able to act act as an appropriate parent and to those who have dedicated their lives to the children of our society.

"On each occasion a Church fails to treat the many victims of clergy abuse in the manner preached by that church, it performs an act of gross hypocrisy and discrimination."
"On each occasion a Government permits this to continue it too is performing an act of gross deception and discrimination."
"On each occassion a professional uses his knowledge and skill to cover, hide or to enable or permit these acts to continue is breaching someones' Human Rights".

Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children

... governments, churches and care agencies had shown a "complete lack of understanding or . . . responsibility for the level of neglect, abuse and assault that occurred in their institutions"

TFYQA is calling for each and every Australian, Politician, Bishop, Priest, Nun, religious and parishioners of religions in Australia wherever clergy abuse has been found to actively participate by assiting in providing a just and fair opportunity for victims to be heard by the religious and their parishioners more ....

Priests Hear From Sex Abuse Victims
"The priests were riveted by the speakers, who challenged the cardinal to offer victims more help, including financial compensation."
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My Broken Society

Saturday, 18 January 2020 10:43:42 AM

With police overseeing police, psychiatry overseeing psychiatry - what could go wrong?

What did go wrong was that both these institutions were the mainstays in silencing and rejecting the human rights of children raped by clergy as though they had been officially sanctioned as sacrifices to the God of the Christians so that the priests journey to his afterlife was not impaired.

Police in every jurisdiction across the country paid abeyance, silence and cover up to the Christian religion. They did that for decade upon decade and have been identified as carrying that responsibility by the recent Royal Commission. To date no policy has been developed, no public statement as to how this will be controlled for and regulated into the future as without it we can never be sure the "Never again" has been eliminated entirely from policing and our health and care systems.

God had huge needs in both those areas of society and that focus helped to make these two institutions the strongholds of silence on the state and nation wide rape of children and silencing of every class of rape and abuse victims in the process.

Police lived in systematic denial of this for decades and they give every appearance of maintaining that denial of their responsibility to the people of the nation. Without it trust will remain elusive.

It was those institutions that kept the cover up of the rape of children by Catholic and other clergy going for 80+ years longer than it should.

From my own life experience it was widely known of in the 1950s and that knowledge had been around for quite some time.

Every police jurisdiction in the country for decade upon decade magically implemented the same inhumane strategies and in doing so added untold suffering onto already destroyed lives of countless individuals. They were guilty of corruption on a level that must never be corrupted this way again.

Australia can never be and will never be at peace about the safety of their children with policing or governance until we have a national policy specifically designed to eliminate any possibility of a reoccurrence.

What psychiatric disorder should be bestowed upon those institutions when they fail at this the very basics of our human right to safety are not met and that can only leave us with the worst possible breach of social trust. That is simply not an option yet it is the option we are being given and that is a human rights abusing sociopathic system that breaches every possible trust.

There is a failure to protect the public interest.

NB: Following the introduction of legislative amendments to the Coroners Act 2008 on 28 October 2018, His Honour is empowered to set aside findings made under previous Coroners Acts of 1958 and 1985 and re-open investigations if new facts or circumstances make it appropriate to do so. from,13554#.Xj0eG_At9QQ.facebook

How many are suffering with Post Religious Torture & Systematic Police & Government Failure Stress Disorder?

"Trauma is the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering."


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