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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 335

Intergenerational trauma as a product of Catholicism

Monday, 20 April 2020 8:56:54 AM

Today I concluded that since 1987 I had become embroiled in a virulent instance of Intergenerational trauma that was enhanced and facilitated through the cover up of abuse in the Catholic religion.

In doing that I have fulfilled a personal quest to understand the drivers of what was to come from 1987 through to my present understanding today.

There is little that comes from this other than acknowledging that at long last there is something real and tangible about that understanding of what has been the peak and the pits of my life experience.

My first foray into this will be to look into my own childhood to look for any potentials in my own family and in those that in the Catholic community in which I was raised. Obvious candidates would be those who abused myself and others and those who participated in covering those abuses up. There appears to be many candidates to consider.

Do I think that this would be unique to Catholicism? No. I think it has a big place in the Christian religion and may have a role in others as well.

When you consider the introduction and the resulting traumatic bonding that comes from the encounter with a murderous and torturous outraged God together with punishment and suffering in perpetuity by a supernatural demon enhanced with magical powers and unlimited resources with a program designed to ensnare you at the first sign of dissension. No child can surmount such an onslaught on it's own let alone when all those around it are themselves compromised in the same way.

The conclusion can only result in a complete take over of the mind and the thinking of the child from that moment on until it's final demise at some point in the future. What an inhumane experience, yet it is just one instance in a repeating cycle that has abused the most innocent and vulnerable human children. The reality is horrific yet itr must be faced and addressed if we are to ensure the right of children to be free to reach their full potential.

Only hurt people hurt people

I recently asked "Has Intergenerational Trauma had a role in your CPTSD treatment and/or recovery?" in a private group. So much coming from that. This response was so powerful and descriptive for me - with permission: "Yes!!! It has allowed me to have empathy for everyone and allowed for forgiveness. It has allowed me a deeper understanding for all of the actions that have caused me pain. I can properly grieve and learn new tools to pass on. Only hurt people hurt people and they do the best they can. But ultimately we are responsible for our own actions and feelings. (Where I get stuck is my siblings are still in denial and potentially passing it on to their own children, the next generation.)."

In my own instance 'passing on' has fortunately been only partially successful.


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