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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 338

having some naughty boy recollections

Wednesday, 29 April 2020 9:53:15 AM

having some naughty boy recollections
sending 186,000 or thereabouts copy of an email to peter beattie as premier re the child abuse by clergy
followed that up with a review of the local constabulary fight against child abuse - was there in black and white and did cause kerrie shine the local member to choke - gist of its was this was the coal face of the fight against child abuse by local policing - turns out local businesses contributed some large sum 30-50k and asking for more
Ok  and then ?
the return from this generosity was to bring wayne bennett (I think some footballer) up from brisbane for the weekend to meet with local kids while doing a talent quest - he got 3,500 - the rest went in cost for the pissup up with cops and their mates to have time to celebrate their involvement
I stumbled onto their advertising and simply said that does not add up
If it didn't there was an obvious problem so I sent to my local member
a huge roar then silence
I had visited every politician in town over the clergy abuse issue
I had joined 60,000 people wearing my purple t-shirt
You ever wonder why Australia is so corrupt?
I obtained a 15 minute session at the local community cabinet meeting - I got bob atkinson who told me that problem was all over that was 2009
I learned of some of it in my teens and this was far worse
did you see my 8 minutes of democracy?
sound quality is not great but it there - all over - and they will get back to me
I eventually became so sarcastic when ringing the try to make an appointment that i referred to it as my program to obtain the balance of my 16 minutes of democracy
the woman near choked
either my mind opted to play a trick on me at that particular moment in the billions of years of known time yet i remain convinced that i heard her gurgling sort of
i took that a healy sign of recognition albeit an automated one
Australia corrupt you say - hey i belong to a first fleet group and they recently provided the data etc on the formation of our first police force
it consisted entirely of a squad of 12 self managing top 12 inmate informers
the adage use a criminal to capture a criminal - appeared to be genuine
I need another whisky
how delicate and sensitive the system must be if my simple questions cause such angst and resistance by people like atkinson - taking this bizarre position/perspective allows me to answer some other additions in MYFTP and more -
any wonder the GG said it was a matter of protocol that they don't intervene -
I did the full appropriate routine followed through and they failed repeatedly
i have to laugh its like being in some fairy tale
a delusion
remind me that my delusions are very different to those of some dude in a unit who was abused
don't have - my delusions begin with something that appears to terrify some
be safe in your treatment of children
then i up the ante it seems
by asking for redress and justice - fuck how dare he
i lived through the ignorance of this shit
and of course it simply didn't happen
I don't know how to change my story to meet their criteria only because I don't remember it that way
?? does my frustration show through?
to hell with it - lets do the free enterprise thing and make some money off of some meaningless shit
the weirder the more the clicks
the new podcast = 4 shots a quick chat before we fall to shit
we dissect the news from a biased and abused perspective
we know what fucked means
and protecting a retirement fund is legitimate work for a socially failed police commissioner
?? it got political in its own local disgusting way
small town graft in a city sized population - that from the microcosm of a small town in central victoria 1960s
all working the same way
champions of jesus each and every one of them
gods little soldiers defenders of the faith some of the few who will give their life in the defence of their faith - the martyrs
let there be martyrs by the million
a good famine has many
took much feasting adds more
doug steley seems like he got electrical brain treatment - not on song since his recent fb release ---- was he indoctrinated or just traumatized into silece ?
does it have any meaning or consequence?
its curious times when your mental health professional tries to teach you how to dissociate while treating me because I do it unbidden
but we both do it for the same reason
bit ... BUT ... B U T I am the one who gets treated while they use it daily as a safety strategy - figure that out for me
i read recently - see if I can screw this up sufficiently
totally gone - cleared entirely from my memory
now just when i find a way to do what they recommend - forget it - i now get a new label and a new treatment
for doing doing the same thing they are doing only they have a different name for it and they control who gets it - works like a charm still today
all thats left to do is to convince Australia that the missing C is the root of the many many failures in treatment of complex PTSD
No No its not off my chest yet
there it is -
I actually did exist
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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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