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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 343

What say You?

Saturday, 16 May 2020 7:27:54 PM

Chapter 343 What say You?

Working on a better understanding of why and how so many of us have clashed with siblings and others as well as the traditional "systems" of police, politics and medicine when it comes to survival, recovery and justice resulting from complex trauma and sexual abuse by Catholic clergy in early childhood.

It's possibly one of the most complex and easily compromised positions in life that anyone could find themselves in.

There are many hurdles in making progress in such a high stress, high risk environment.

"How much do you want" some shout. Pell is innocent, he got off they continue with the addition of you have had your Royal Commission and the Church is paying you. It's all over and finished.

Get over it.

It is so easy to see how justice has been and is being done.

Poor Catholics have been punished enough, all we want to do is save ourselves from going to Hell and instead we get to go to Heaven. That's all any Catholic wants as that is what they have been taught since they could first understand words; that's why they do not question their role in the service of a clergy who find no issues with sexually using available adults and children to help them on their own heavenly journey without breaking the rules of the priesthood too much so that they got arrested or defrocked.

Being arrested was most unlikely and there were tales aplenty of getting off simply because of their power and connections in the community at every level. Of course there is no better level than a country town where the local sergeant is a fully paid up and obedient papal knight who has sworn a personal oath of obedience to the Vatican. When you saw and understood the power of that nothing taboo was out of your grasp.

How many career and retirement path police officers climbed the ladder of the most powerful entity in the country to further their prospects.

Wouldn't be done you say. Couldn't be done others may say and yet they did and they continue today as there is no regulation that prohibits or attempts to ensure that this type of issue when it was at its most powerful involved every police and their oversight mechanisms in every jurisdiction in the country that goes back to the very origins of our democracy if you would dare to use the words in accordance with what has taken place in Australia since federation.

Impossible shouts some from the ignorant sidelines while others dodge the question when the reality is that there is no law or regulation that prohibits such circumstance. But of course every Catholic or Christian police officer, every Catholic or Christian politician and every Catholic or Christian public servant will put aside their entire future and their responsibility to mankind to assure us that their religion will not influence their governance. They, themselves and a billion other Catholics is to do the will of the Church as they were trained to as obedient and fear-filled Catholic children.

There is no agenda as this is only normal as the ultimate power over all of it comes from their connection with the Vatican or Christianity and they are always the one to be crucified most times it seems. Only Catholics can say its a lesser sin if we think we intended something different - that's a meager and childlike excuse

What could go wrong when something like that has been able to flourish to the point where entire systems were corrupted and compromised by it. Any problems that came from was pointed out by the Royal Commission so we don't get caught doing that again just yet and we thank Australia for the half a billion dollars of friendly education on how to abused the human rights of children under the pretext of guiding them to heaven.

Does putting the concept of the Catholic god into the mind of innocent 3 year old so that they can be put to work ensuring a safe pathway for the men of the cloth be they rapists or not.

One would think that would be enough for any country to bear as the rights of their own population is overtaken by the claims of the Catholic and other Churches.

Add to that sorry tale the even sorrier one of Australia's failure in the area of human rights. Get used to it you are Australian and human rights you don't got.

What you do get is a broken system supporting other broken system and that is how a cover up of this kind operates only you don't have any human right to claim for being prevented and obstructed from access to justice and the legal system for some more than 70 and 80 and more years now. These are people who carry scars in some instances more terrifying than some trauma inducing incidents in war and they carry that for the duration of their life as a victim of PTSD.

In Australia in accord with an unhealthy dependence on the American Psychiatric Society and its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual which determines the criteria for the diagnosis and it's many variations.

The diagnosis of Complex PTSD or CPTSD is not available to the general population in Australia when presenting to a GP or other health professionals who use the manual for their diagnoses and treatments. A few may follow the recent example set by the ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases 11th Revision) which now includes the evidence based pathway for CPTSD.

Treatment and recovery are vastly different. The evidence that some 70 to 80% of those diagnosed under the DSM are actually misdiagnosed due to the absurdity that the DSM did not acknowledge CPTSD and has failed to do so since the mid 1990s taking the lives of uncounted individuals in possible a larger number than they did with gay and gendered people who they stopped persecuting only when they were pressured to do so.

Today they continue to force 80% of the survivors identified by the recent Royal Commission into a health system that denied their existence and their life experience


This is the most cruel way to treat those who came forward through misdiagnosing and mistreating the bulk of the survivors of the unbridled and uncontrolled rape of children by clergy through a Royal Commission.

Australia fails them and everyone who ignores them and their existence under what has torn tens of thousands of families apart in Australia and denied them justice.

Not only that those institutions were paid by governments and they failed and despite these egregious and repeated failing continues to fund religious institutions to handle the needs of vulnerable people and children making that the current ongoing human rights abuse for Australia to deal with.

One pathways can lead to forced incarcerations, forced drugging and lifelong dependence on high risk medications while the other has a sound basis and can and does provide safety and recovery for many in safe and supportive environment.

Is it any wonder no religion openly supports and actively defends the human rights of Australian children to reach their full potential unhindered by threat or traditional bonds or the gods of other people.

What say You?


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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