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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

Chapter 60

A social mystery; the denial of equality and justice by everyday Australians

Everybody loves a good mystery, but what happens when that mystery is based on the rape of children, the rape of vulnerable women and men carried out and covered up for decades by the clergy and members of the largest Christian religion in the country.

Not much from the looks of it from the perspective of those who have been abused. With many thousands of stories from horror to sheer glory at simply surviving this toxic calamity willingly available. Governments and politicians are still hiding behind "let's wait for the Royal Commission", is that because they do not know where and how they were complicit or is that about supporting a rape engendering culture and its meanness and inhumanity towards those who have been abused?

Reporting that makes its way into print is simply the same old of isolated incidents with rarely a thought going towards the real needs of the many children caught in the midst of the exposure of the greatest rape culture Australia has ever experienced. "Let's wait ....". Nothing speaks louder than silence except for when those elected officials who have great knowledge on everything Australian remain silent and inactive while knowing that there are many survivors out there who are hurt and are in need of support. So much for the federal governments lure of "support, before, during and after" (Jenny Macklin). The support has never been great and was virtually useless for the many atheists amongst us.

Where is the GoFundMe campaign designed to take up the slack as a result of the failure of the Catholic and other religious groups? Early morning breakfast shows, the news and in-depth programs are not bringing you a survivor each episode to tell of the horror of their recent experience of being failed by government and religious systems or to tell of the most important asect of how they managed to survive. Just more of the myriad of untold stories about the thousands of invisible people who with a leap of hypocrisy they will traipse out a well worn "No amount of money ..." statement.

The truth is that when the government slashed the recommended compensation to meet the amounts religious were already paying there was silence from all areas in this respect with the smal exception of those directly affected. No reporters shouting out that "No amount would be sufficient", none writing of the calamity when the root of our society has been found complicit in the perpetual rape of children. It was as though they were complicit in maintaining the silence of the reality of these abused and their affects on every aspect of our community and our country.

Perhaps they are waiting like so many did for so many years for the Churches to do the right thing. Wishing and hoping has not brought any positive effects; praying has been even less successful. Do you think that Australia has provided childhood victims of sexual abuse a fair go? Let me know so we can publish your responses here.

The press remains blind and silent, perhaps constipated, ignorant or uncaring. No matter the cause they have an inability to write of the socially connected reality when the very substance, the core, the essence of what the past 200 years have worked towards has resulted it the sexual abuse of thousands upon thousand of children and then their lives have been ruined through an abusive legal system as it has conspired to deny them the human right to equality. To be treated equal in your own country; to be considered to have equal human rights comparable to the rights that are provided to convicted and credibly accused pedophile clergy today would be a vast step forward - it is not happening and it is not going to happen; this is particulary so if the survivor has shed the shackles of the religion that has held so many for so long.

If there were equal access and treatment under the law of the country then survivors of childhood sexual abuse by clergy should have begun to encounter some of that, they should be finding and experiencing the promises of the government where they were seduced into stepping up on a failed promise of support before, during and after; instead they get a continuation of the double jeopardy, apologetics for relationships of our abusers we get this far and find that is in fact a hollow promise that only results in greater pain and suffering by those denied the same human rights that are executed and available to others. How does a country get this far only to realise that the children of the religious are in far greater danger in a religious setting and that those same children are at risk of rape by unhinged psychologically compromised clergy and followers.

What researcher has written of the moral and the many social issues that come as a result of finding that your whole belief system is both corrupt and entirely unfounded and has no evidence to support its many many preposterous claims?

How many politicians have lost a moments' sleep as a result of their concerns over the human rights abuses the children of the population must experience if they have had the misfortune of becoming the prey of sexual abusing clergy or the millions of others who have been emboldened by decades of corruption of the way of life of every Australian.

How many are standing up for the hundreds of thousands of children who will have the misfortune of being abused by an entire culture that permeated every aspect of our community. A community that has evolved with the prime purpose of profiting those in positions of power while denying the rights of survivors and keeping vulnerable children well within reach through a distorted agreement with governments populated by people who have themselves been polluted by the system they continue to assist in propagating today when in fact they should be supporting and assisting those who they have assisted in victimising in the past.

In amongst that obscene decades long toxic abuse of human rights of specifically targeted people we continue to hear your avarice, your fears and your hatred simply because we sought to enjoy the same rights that they claim that the religious claim comes before the human rights of those who have been and continue to be abused. Generations of children abused and almost complete silence from our leaders - men and women of complete moral and ethical failure.

What Catholic today can stand up in all honesty and believe in the holy ghost and a three part god while engaging in ritualistic cannibalism of their deity whose suffering they adore and whose insanity allows them to believe in the insane idea that children as young as 7 can be responsible for the seduction of a 40+ year old clergyman or clergy woman.

What Catholic can proudly say that they still want the truth to be told when their very existence is predetermined by the most fantastic lies humanity has ever experienced.

What hope do Catholics have today that children raised as the property of the church will ever experience foe a single moment in the entire existence in this life to something akin to the ideals put forward in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the declaration of the Rights of the Child? What press, what television and what government or politician will address these issues with an appropriately apportioned and reasoned sense of responsibility to the children of the past, present and the future.

How many politicians and public servants remain hiding behind the escape of wait for the findings of the Commission before they take any steps towards assisting despite survivors knowing fully the reality of the horror of their experience they intend to remain silent and impotent; social and morally corrupted and emotionally; constipated to the extent that many in our country and not just survivors of sexual abuse by clergy can easily be discriminated against via government funded systems operated by the religious who have a vested interest in maintaining that status quo as their special treatment has been important to their spread of power and influence over the centuries.

Why should we get to experience the shunning and the lack of support in the community that comes to those of us who do not believe in the failed deity and god of Christianity and Catholicism or those who speak out against the lifelong sentence every Catholic child is exposed to of a life lived without the option of reaching their full potential as human beings are entitled to?

What you ask can you do about that?

Empower us. Empower those of us who do have the safety and protection of children as our main initiative; something that is based on a real world experience yet none of can gain a seat at the tables of discussion whilst we are resold on the failed notion that we cannot recover.

Recovery from such a widespread failure is not dependent on individual responses it is dependent on the response of the community.

Empower us with the money to take these corrupt religions to task and to beat them endlessly in the same manner they have treated their victims since the inception of the Christian religion into this country. Take the risk an email me today and let us see what we can come up that might be effective.

Empowerment would mean that one or two more winnable cases might get the chance to move forward towards providing justice to its targeted victims, those the community, the Church and its followers prey upon.

Empower us so that we can confront them on the real issues with the largest ever law suit they have ever experienced. We have the laws in our favour, we have the right. We have the evidence thanks to the Royal Commission - all that is left is for those who were forced into poverty and out of their family homes and businesses and forced into a life of dependency simply because they want to ensure that no child of the future will ever have a similar experience. Empower us and we will empower the next 500 generations of children.

We are told that this will only be brought to a stop when the victims stand up. We have been standing up for years and and still the press ignores us - to them we must remain invisible as our truth dashes their two thousand years old claims. What more would you have us do? We are the most despised, under-funded financially crippled and compromised people simply because that is the most effective way politics and the laws have used to make us as ineffective as possible.

Another way possibly is to flood the courts with suits against the Church; we envision that it may well be possible for a single survivor to lay up to 20 claims against these human predators.

The moral leadership of the country is complicit in the protection of hundreds of pedophiles and the ongoing abuse of survivors and the proactive steps being taken to prevent survivors with access to justice in their own home country. How much of this has changed? Very little.

Australia the lucky country has turned the Australia I wanted to live in into the country that ignores the human rights of sexual abuse victims and the rights of current children to not be exposed to a blatant fraud.

Help resolve this mystery. Contact me if you are able to help get a national campaign started that will provide support for those directly affected until the redress scheme gets under way. Help empower us to match their legal purchasing power. Please forward on to any who you think may be able to help us organise.


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