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Trauma in Religion






Educating and Informing the Community of a Secular Survivor experience.

Religious in the workplace can be dangerous to survivors

Living with Human Rights Abuses in Australia in 2017 #TraumaTheory Chapter 76

Religion in the workplace is a health and safety issue.

Religious people need to be trained to take proper action under certain situations as to claim Jesus Christ as responsible or that he will cure, resolve or restore the issue is considered a dangerous response and introduces a high risk situation that can escalate into a collective act of insanity which consumes valuable time and distorts reality for all stake holders therefore all praying must be done outside the workplace.

There is no room for prayers in an emergency situation. Workplace health and safety regulations do not work well with the passive waiting for some significant sign; more so when no formal or validated connection is provided or time estimates to potential signs, knowledge and scope of potential signs is limited to a select few in the religious community and such can be a health hazard in the workplace due to ignorance and other dangers.

Holders of religious beliefs and in particular those who hold with the notion that their god reigns supreme over all other functions of the world are a clear and present danger in the workplace environment. They should never be placed into position of management or authority as there is a highly degree of risk that they will attribute a real world crisis as the result of godly or spiritual conflicts or behaviours or as one of the usual outbursts from their gods due to perceived sleights against their name or one of their ideals. Such individuals should be removed from the crisis area immediately so that science may address the circumstance in a rational and unbiased manner as expeditiously as possible to ensure the greater possibility of success.

Is it truly plausible that people can be compromised and kept in a perpetual state of fear from early childhood and on through all of adulthood today as a result of childhood indoctrination? Surely their Human Rights will have been breached if that is the case.

John Brown the author and publisher was born in Yea Victoria 3717 on 27 December, 1948. John grew up in Yea, he went to the Catholic school and then a final year at Yea High. He undertook an apprenticeship as a Hand and Machine Compositor/Linotype Mechanic at the local newspaper The Yea Chronicle. He left Yea ...... read more

Living with Human Rights Abuses in Australia in 2017 #TraumaTheory Chapter 76 - Religious in the workplace can be dangerous to survivors

Human rights for Catholic children exist only if they remain bonded through the abusive practices of a culture with the longest history of war, rape, genocide and child abuse humanity has ever encountered.

Human rights do not exist in the Catholic religion unless the perceived rights of gods, demons, angels, devils, poltergeists and a myriad of other mythical creatures and superstitions are met to the satisfaction of those traumatically bonded to Catholicism through their own abusive childhood experience

"Catholicism creates an environment where the child must bend and fold to the experience and the child must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may survive in the environment in which it finds itself" JohnB