#CoverUpDay737,409 #TraumaTheory Chapter 83

Preventing Rape of Children by Clergy Helped Humanity Evolve

The digital age has played a larger role than many will allow in the downfall of Catholicism and Christianity

A round of thouhts from May 18, 2017

One generation exposed to a greater amount of reality has of its own accord changed the demographics of belief from those of 50 or so years ago when almost 97% of children were raised in cultures that required belief in gods, demons, miracles, religious hatred, hypocrisy, public misogyny, clerical obedience and forgiveness and endless biblical demands and dictates. Today, simply as a result of having access to their peers and an exponential growth in availability of knowledge brought through the digital revolution has turned those above number on their head.

Today we have much more blatant hatred of the vulnerable and extreme distancing of responsibility towards children as practiced by today's politicians and stalwarts of industry; their there is no money in it therefore I must ignore it else it would get in the way of making a profit or minimizing their sense of power or control which has only come about as a result of the disconnection from their own childhood reality and their dysfunctional fantasy believing family.

In less than 20 years despite every pressure possible that a clerical cultured existence reigned supreme across all sectors of the community to one where their real history has been shown to that of the repeat offending child rapist.

The shedding of the hypocrisies of religion may be one of the earliest unrecognized AI experiments. The children of the connected from the 1990s have turned the course and direction of humanity on a much more user friendly reality based life. Growing up through a period where the power of a God who had had a murderous, vengeance filled rape culture reigned for almost two thousand years until it encountered the beginnings of a connected culture. Religion is being consumed from both ends in a reversal of the once traditional clerical culture that we had the misfortune to have been raised in.

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