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What Magnificent Justice That Would Be - a snippet from 31 May 2013

No amount would be too much

May 31, 2017 recalling May 31 2013

JohnB Childhood Clergy Sex Abuse Survivor says "What Magnificent Justice That Would Be."

Why has the press, television and the community not provided the usual support for those adversely affected by things like a drought, fire, tragedy or injustice. Why not in the cases like those of Forgotten Australians, Stolen Generations, Forced Adoption and those who suffered chronic physical and psychological abuse and exploitation and culminating in the extremes of childhood sexual abuse by clergy. Where is their outrage at what this does to their society? Where is their public appeal for funds to assist those who want to be survivors yet remain victims it seems simply because they are currently the largest available pawn in an global public debate over the morals and ethics of the people n power in religious institutions. A debate that unashamedly uses the plight of the lack of justice, the humiliation and the exploitation and shunning of survivors to bolster or to further their particular slant in this debate.

While the vast majority can agree that the Churches should pay, however it is the victims who are the subject of this public bartering when the fact is we all know the Church should pay and should pay dearly; again however in the meantime those we are crying out for justice for are left in the worst possible state as a public bargaining chip.

The greatest snub the Catholic Church could face is if the community made each victim a multi millionaire. A recent discussion on Facebook mooted a $7.5 million compensation deal for direct victims and a $2.5 million package for secondary victims. Recipients could sign an agreement that would see a % pay back on receipt of compensation from Church or Government. There are myriad of programs and incentives and ways of doing that can be explored.

This would smack the face of the Catholic Church at every level and would publicly humiliate them in the condemning of ways and would provide an instant and comprehensive response to the Church and its ways. There is no organization on the planet which could trump such a circumstance.

The Catholic Church say it is not about the money. The public says it is not about the money. The fact is it is about the money as much as it is about justice and never again.

There is no organization too big to fail if this came about. What magnificent justice that would be.

So many survivors are tired of simply being the response to the tedious religious claim of look at all our good work through being bundled into the response of look at all the raped children. No matter the amount of money and no matter the size of the opportunity for them to turn their lives around to have a few years of living well after a lifetime of being the pawn in this toxic circumstance.



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John Brown is the developer, author and publisher of Trauma in Religion a theory that describes the origin of the human rights abuses the Catholic Church inflicts on Catholic children. His interests include human rights for all Australians that should act as a clear boundary for all institutions regardless of an individuals thoughts on their favorite supreme being, gods, demons or spirits engaging in secular Australian communities; trauma and recovery and the crimes, criminal and psychological behaviours of the fearful bonded Catholics. John blogs erratically here on his personal experiences on a range of topics that interest him where he speaks when he has success or failures with professionals and has learned of the need for trauma informed and evidence based professional care. This experience has added to his interest that go on to include the many abuses of the continuing criminal cover up on his FAQyMe Gene blog and will shortly release his first FAQyMe podcast with Paul Levey on Paul's recent experience with mental health first aid. I like to be able to inform people of things that bring benefit and can relieve the psychological suffering that many Catholic children still suffer from daily as well many now elderly adults are confused as the truth of the criminal activity is exposed.

I found it was good advice with regard to recovery from trauma to explore your attachments and/or other relationship vulnerabilities and safely with evidence based trauma informed specialists or you can privately Learn the Science of Healthy Attachment Relationships in a safe, low cost self timed manner.

I researched the nerve growth factor found in the Lion's Mane fungi and take a daily capsule as a supplement. I have gained benefit from that .

I find the brain chemical, brain disease and medication model to be a flawed monster and the medication regime to be abhorrent and inhumane with a strong taint of cooperation with the covering up of child rape and other crimes.

I was fortunate enough to have obtained the services of Dr Julian Lim when he was working in Toowoomba but unfortunately we lost connection for a while. Reconnecting with an experienced and well qualified trauma informed evidence based professional make him the safest and the most knowledgeable I have engaged with and this has been transformational for me. Dr Lim has my full and confident recommendation. Dr Julian Lim


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