Trauma in Religion

#TraumaTheory Abstract

Being the only atheist child in a Catholic family gave the perfect insight into the development of compromised Catholic children, you can read some of the authors life experiences here.

Religion as Trauma Theory in the Catholic religion states that each child raised within the religion experiences life threatening trauma that persists in some instances for a lifetime.

There are two main traumas experienced by the Catholic child between the age of 3 to 5 years in the majority of cases.

Religion as Trauma Theory says that both events are wrenching and distressing experiences and is a disastrous event outside the range of usual experience. Both events cause severe psychological shock and severe distress on the child who has no alternative than to absorb and to comply with if they are to survive in their environment or to remain in the comfort and safety afforded to them as children in their home and family experience.

The child must bend to the experience and it must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may survive in the environment in which it finds itself.

The child is often presented with both of these events in a simultaneous attack on their psychological senses. The impacts are severe to the extent of fracturing proper notions of self, family, personal boundaries and personal responsibility as these aspects of the child's personality have been transferred to the religion through its clergy and those that come above and below them.

The cycle is endless in its current configuration and does pose an immediate and imminent threat upon the person of each and every individual who is vulnerable or comes into contact with others who have been conflicted in compliance.

These events are life threatening to the child and remain so for them as adults. The threat is persistent and all pervasive. (This answers the anger, resistance and violence, expressions of victimhood, remorse etc across the spectrum of human emotions that can emanate from confrontation or other oppositional encounters.

This event makes them vulnerable to a distorted or broken attachment period where family identity is firstly fractured then stolen and then provided with a substituted family that includes each close identity (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister). The fracturing of identity and the substitution of family places the child in the control of others.

Their own personality must be repressed completely simply so they may survive.

The first experience that most encounter is the deep and personal intrusion through the notion of a stranger or another person to have the ability to know intimately their each and every word spoken and includes each and every thought the child has from that point on in their existence.

The spy in your head notion that comes with the introduction to the Catholic deity is the most direct personal attack possible on the vulnerable mind of a child.

The entrapment is comprehensive and insurmountable. The child knows that there is no possible escape from this intrusion; they have no other option than to cede to the control of that presence in their mind.

The second encounter is even more horrendous as this takes the form of a direct threat against the life of the child and includes the threat of exquisite torture for an indefinite and ongoing time that has no ending.

No child can withstand such forces when no adult can withstand them unless they make the personal decision to fight or flee at the first opportunity; until then the Catholic child is frozen in a state of perfect obedience to each and every person who can wield the power and authority of those two components over them.

Catholic clergy are free to wield this power at any circumstance and do so on a frequent basis. The child is a bonded servant for however long they are trapped under the spell of these forces.

The root causes of the child sexual abuse and other horrific crimes against women and children can be found in every individual who has been forced into compliance by these methods.


A child in an emotionally & mentally healthy family and community has no need for the presence of a God no matter the offered rewards, no matter the sophistry and deception of claimed and real threats

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