Trauma in Religion

Is the introduction process a safe one for children?

Can an experiment, research or survey be designed to examine the introduction and subsequent engagement and conduct to show if the process is safe or not for children below the age of consent?

Is the process safe, moral and ethical?   Proposals to reproduce the introduction process and to then test the ability of third parties to influence or control children introduced in this way can not be conducted in a safe and ethically responsible manner, yet this process is carried out daily on tens of thousands of children on behalf of the Catholic religion.

If no safe means can be designed or implemented should the practice be allowed to continue in Australia regardless of the religion.

Should the practice be able to pass scrutiny in areas such as modern day slavery, entrapment, psychological battery, fraud, deception and more.

The ethics of human research in Australia National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007) - Updated 2018


No religion is sufficiently principled to be proactive champions for the human rights of children beyond championing for the entrapment by their own religion of the most vulnerable in their community for the sole benefit of the clerical classes here in Australia and the Vatican

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