1. Survivors of Institutional Abuse thanking Australia

The best response survivors can give Australia is by leading the way and facilitating a Bill of Rights that is valid, safe and protective of every Australian especially Australia's children.

So how can you assist to make this happen? Organise groups, meetings, talk to the press, talk to you rlocal members.

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2. Why we need a Bill of Rights?

This is not rocket science, this is about our children and how they are being raped and abused by those of religion.

The reasons ref McClellan reference to human rights - Australians failures re human rights

How my history and my families history were involved in the establishment of the Universal declaration of Human Rights

The failure was not a failure by the Australian people it was a failure because religion still needed top coverup the crimes of their clergy

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3. Terms of reference

The terms of reference shall define the authority on which this Bill of Rights will use in the pursuit of excellence, ennoblement, encompassing all Australians especially our children.

That authority comes to us from science, technology, reason, empathy and a wish to develop human communities for the betterment of all who freely and safely participate in the education, health, well-being and safety of the human family before any institution, bauble or ideology.

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4. Acceptable input

This proposed Bill of Rights will not accept input from any who were named in the Royal Commission or belong to or participate in or engage in commerce or other activities with Institutions identified by the Royal Commission. *Further conditions and tests may be applicable.

Owning or wearing a pointy hat will not improve the acceptability of input

Explore the many more reasons as to why Australia must develop a Bill of Rights so that #NeverAgain will children be raped on the scale they have been by religious and others in Australia JohnB on YouTube

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5. More about us

Visit my YouTube Channel for a selection of more than 300 videos of the Royal Commission proceedings from their Livestream. Please remember that we hope to gather the full collection of videos of the Livestream and we will upload (or link) any audio or video that you forward of the proceedings of the Royal Commission that we do not have available. *Subject to the usual copyright conditions etc. JohnB on YouTube

Organise groups, meetings, talk to the press, talk to you rlocal members.

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6. What else is next on our todolist?

As a way of saying thank you to Australia and the findings of the Royal Commission we want to encourage you to support us in whatever way you can. Visit our donate page here for available donation options or contact us with your support, suggestions and promotion.

Organise - make contact with others or contribute or support a survivor to help them get involved.

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7. Progress

Progress is a difficult thing to measure in light of the degree and the extent of the obfuscation that has surrounded survival with a myriad of myths as to the ability to survive. Today those myths have come tumbling down and we recommend that you begin that understanding right from the horses mouth in the way of the Final report from the Royal Commission

The evidence is in and that is simply waiting for you to take actions.

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8. Extensive moral and ethical rewards come as a result of protecting children

The reward is a massive reduction of child sex crimes, the introduction of justice into our legal systems for those seen as enemies of the Church and through that enemies of the state. Those days are gone and now we have to fulfill our obligation to our children to educate them so that they will never again fall prey to shallowness of the Christian and other religions.

Arrange to do one thing each day that will move you and others forward on this quest.

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9. Trauma Informed

What is trauma informed?

Trauma informed simply means that people under this banner understand the complexities of trauma and how to respond to individuals experiencing trauma..

The peak body in Australia for world class evidence based, trauma informed information and support is to be found via the BlueKnot Foundation.

The Royal Commission declared itself to be a Trauma informed entity about half-way into its investigation.

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10. Evidence based

Evidence based is not based on evidence from the abusive Christian culture or its nefarious superstition books or cultural ideasl; evidence is based on the scientific process of verifiable and repeatable evidence and review via reasonable moral and ethical guidelines.

Evidence based allows your professional to treat your issues with the aim of recovery unlike religious healing that covers up the issues.

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11. A Bill of Rights must never again include wanton acts child sex crimes, the stupidity of cannibalism, barbarism, genocide, torture, abuse, sexual abuse and more from the primitive cultural aspects of the Christian and Catholic religions.

Words matter to children. Speak truthfully and openly to them about the reality of the world we live in as that helps to protect them from the fraud and the deceit that trapped generations before us.

Children require safe love, compassion, caring touch and companionship instead of the hate filled diatribes of anger, accusations, shunning, sexual constipation and obfuscation, obsessive control, public humiliation, begging, blackmail and other socially abhorrent and disgusting styles of communication that were forced on to us as children.

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12. The Future

We simply don't know how rapid our recovery can and will be as that is dependent in a great deal to the response of the Australian people. We hope that soon every child will be free from superstition and the control of primitive religions however long that takes then the journey will have been worth it. Just imagine a world free of the troubles of tens of thousands of child and abusers of women brought to us by religion.

leave a legacy of peace, safety and protection for children of the future. Contact us for how to go about that.

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13. Kialo and Trauma Theory

Inserting the notion of a God and/or a Hell into the minds of young children does make them vulnerable and subjects them to lifelong manipulation in a direct manipulation of their morals and their right to be free of that and the psychological entrapment that only comes as a result of the trauma of one or both of these experiences I describe in #TraumaTheory.

JohnB on Kialo