Abuse at MHS

Michael Mormina MiMo


Today I am grateful for my life as it is. I have a measure of comfort that I manage to extract from living on a disability pension. My enjoyment is derived from developing and cooking foods. Otherwise I have nothing else as I cannot afford to do anything else, living on less than $400.00 per week. I am condemned to be on a pension for life (40+ years) because I cannot function as an individual because of ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) this means I require patience and understanding to deal with others. If I am yelled at or the process is made too difficult I give up so that I can’t continue to function normally. (depression, loss of sleep, appetite, confidence, pain, loss of brain function)

You see I was sexually abused at Morialta High School by a narcistic paedophile. I might have fared better if I wasn’t attacked by the staff after reporting him. I might also have done better if I had been counselled by the Rape Crisis Centre instead of yelled at and told I was not welcome and that I was a man therefore I lie and rape and I deserved everything I got (1978). Furthermore I might have fared better if someone at Morialta High School had not reported that I was selling marijuana to students and they raided my house came barging into my bedroom bashed me in my bed demanding to know details of where I bought my supply. I was 13 and had not even tried it myself but somehow I was interrogated in my own house, I have never slept in a bed since then, instead I sleep on a couch that I modified to sleep on.

I still did not stop reporting him and one day this paedophile ran me down with a car. I went to the police station after escaping further attempts to run me over only to find the officer on duty at Magill Patrol Base forewarned that I would be making false accusations that I had been run over, that for all concerned it would be best if I was sent on my way. When I insisted, this officer became violent and punched and pushed me outside and when I sat on the porch I was kicked in the spine and told to F*** Off home.

I tried many times to raise the alarm at Morialta but I was threatened into silence, including by the Teachers Education Union. There were a number of other students who were being abused, raped and their lives ruined but somehow this also did not raise an eyebrow. I recently took the names of those victims who are now deceased to the royal commission. Because I refused to be silent I was further punished by other teachers. I had aptitude for maths, science, arts and sports. I was refused tier one subjects, I played league and state grade volleyball I was refused membership of the school team. I was a sergeant at the Warradale Army Cadets and was proficient in handling small arms and had fired the M16, 303 Enfield, M60 and was at a time awarded the trophy for best cadet shooter in South Australia. Yet when I applied to the air rifle club I was refused membership because I was not of good character.

I did manage to get into Maths 1 and 2, chemistry and geology but only after proving I could do the work by doing the work of the classes forced upon me and then taking on the EXTRA work from the classes I desired (without any tutoring) and passing the tests. This took me two months in year 11 to qualify to get into the subjects of my choosing. Not one teacher tutored me to learn those topics So I turned to my neighbour who was studying metallurgy at the levels and he thought I had a natural aptitude for maths and science.

Meanwhile the narcistic paedophile teacher continued to gaslight and destroy my reputation by blaming me for things he had done. He would also call the parents of my school friends to inform them that their child would be in danger of being led into oblivion if they associated with me. I remember many conversations with parents when I turned up to study with their children and being told to leave and never ever come back. Only a few was I ever able to convince I had done no wrong, and one in fact punched him in the face when he argued insistently. He was punched in the face for insisting that this person’s daughter was riding in cars with me, smoking and visibly having sex with me. The father interrogated his daughter and when he found that this was not true, moreover that this teacher was not a principal, her home group teacher, or teaching any of her classes he punched him so that he would go away.

I am posting this on the reunion group for Morialta High School so that if just one person learns they are not alone in their abuse at the hands of this monster then my embarrassment will be worth it. You see instead of being heard and this teacher being investigated, I was subject to continuous abuse both at school and socially. I hope if you were abused that you did not endure similar treatment. Eventually I left with a substandard leaver’s certificate, I overheard the reference that the deputy principal gave to a prospective employer and I was completely disgusted. I had to nominate someone else and then I managed to find some casual work. I never achieved my goal of entering the public service or the military because of MHS.

After leaving school I tried again and again to get this teacher investigated, eventually the statute of limitations kicked in and there was nothing he could be charged with. As soon as this statute kicked in I was arrested at the police station where I made a report against him and I would spend the next 20 or so days in Adelaide Gaol having never been charged with a crime, nor owing money to the crown or having been in court on any matter. When I was released, I found my employer had sacked me because they had been shown my prison file. After this time every job I had that might lead on to a permanent position ended in sacking for NO REASON. My partners, my friends etc were all harassed at various points in my life.

So I dedicated myself to finding a way to have the statute of limitations removed in SA. Long story short this was achieved on June 3rd 2003. I have also worked tirelessly to assist others who were abused to achieve justice. In 2011 finally I saw this abuser’s name on an arrest warrant and as soon as he knew about it he fled to Vietnam where he resides to this day. The really sad thing about this is that when students find out who this paedophile teacher is it will rock many to the core. I am not his only victim at MHS, and it has emerged that he abused hundreds of other boys from other schools in SA.

Thank you for you reading this...I do not hold anyone who was a student to blame...I do not blame the teachers, even those who stood in the way of my education were only following the wishes of another narcissist in order to get along professionally and socially at Morialta. What matters now is that those who were hurt by this paedophile get the acceptance, recognition and help that they need today.

Michael Mormina 2017

If you found this triggering please contact Life Line 13 11 14 CASA 1800 806 292 Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

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"Abuse creates an environment where the child must bend and fold to the experience and the child must distort and fracture its own personality simply so that it may survive in the environment in which it finds itself" JohnB