Trauma in Religion

Some reasons why this must be addressed

Every child has a human right to self determination as defined by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Australia ratified the Convention in December 1990.

The psychological process of inserting the God and Devil concept into the mind of the defenceless child destroys forever any opportunity of the child and the future adult to exercise their own right to self determination as it has been hijacked into the hands of clerics. It is unsafe to expose children to such psychologically harmful processes which forces the child into an early life crisis with lifelong pressures and perpetual life threat before they are of a responsible age.

Hijacked for the benefits of clerics and their socially and emotionally disconnected fraternity which then punishes them publicly if they do not submit. Keeping this aberrant structure in place and in operation is simply the expected outcome as a result of thousands of years of such deception foisted onto traumatized bonded generations in the age of Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom of Speech.

The forms of child entrapment and bondage cited in Trauma in Religion are only two specific instances of the globally institutionalised abuse and entrapment of Catholic children (and subsequently as adults) and is a present and active Human Rights crime that is a clear and present moral danger to any society or child.

These crimes continue in every country across the globe including here in Australia where the effects on the attachment the child should have developed with their natural family is systematically destroyed through the doctrines and dictates of a socially failed religion.

Together these forces are used to perpetually entrap defenceless and unprepared children into lifelong psychological bondage to the Catholic religion and its world view in a wilful, abusive, and inhumane act of power and control over the individual lives of generations of Australians in direct opposition to the rights every child has and their subsequent human rights as adults.

The systemic abuse of the Rights of Children must stop.

These acts are carried out on the pretext of being in the best interest of the child yet, in fact this is an action taken firstly for the benefit of and in the best interests of, the Catholic Church and its clerical classes.

Actively stripping the rights of the child to their own personal self determination can never be truthfully said to be in the best interests of the child. Actively stripping the rights of the child to self determination is a Human Rights crime as defined by the Universal Declaration, the 'Rights of the Child' and the 'Convention on Torture'.

This entrapment is said to be a matter of the free will of parents who were themselves trapped in this manner in their own childhood and have thus unwittingly been duped into breaching the human rights of their own children while placing them in perpetual bondage and servitude to the Catholic religion.

The result is children who have experienced such a process are forced to attach to the most powerful entity in their environment. The inability to come to terms with the depth of the deception they have been subjected to results in increasing fear and anger and under the public verbal guidance of bishops across the country they follow and support with every endeavour to silence those who are speaking out as that Catholic trait is on global display across the Catholic world today. A world where the chosen people of a mythical God simply cannot come to terms with their own sexual behaviours, social failures and the widespread sexual abuse of children.

Not until the full experience on children of having the concept of the Catholic version of a universal supernatural power forced into the developing defenceless mind while simultaneously applying life threatening consequences for disobedience in thought or action is seen as an obscene act to force to children into submission to Catholic doctrine. No child can survive this onslaught without outside support. That role is in fact and reality in the hands of our governments who consistently fail to enshrine universal human rights across it's every jurisdiction.

No country can safely and peacefully survive the torture and subjugation of it's children on this scale while calling itself a human rights respecting democracy.

No child deserves such a start in life as this introduction concept destroys the familial natural bonds and substituting a morally, ethically, socially and sexually broken and dysfunctional Catholic Church hierarchy and philosophy. Such a lifelong decision can not be made by any child yet the Catholic Church holds a perpetual claim over the lives of these children.

A lifelong relationship with the Catholic religion is a choice no Catholic child is free to make, let alone mature enough to make such a life choice decision before they reach the age of legal responsibility in Australia. Forcing this decision on a child under the legal age of consent is in breach of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our laws, health, governance, education and social welfare should all protect children from such unethical and immoral behaviour. The theft of the lives of Catholic children by this socially dysfunctional culture must be controlled and managed under strict guidelines else their right to exist in the country should be revoked until they can act in accord with the rights of the child and the Universal Declaration.

The facts are that the abuse of trust, abuse of children and abuse of the legal system goes to the top in Australia's Catholic Church as well as in Rome and in every country where the Catholic Church exists.

It is the human right of every child to be free of all forms of human bondage.

It is simply not possible to be as ignorant and as out of touch as the Catholic Church hierarchy has been on the sexual abuse of children issue and the right to health, justice and recovery for those they abandoned to rapists among their clergy.

Children in the future will look back and see clearly how their predecessors have been raped and exploited for the seemingly spiritual benefit of sexually deprived clergy.

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The inability of a child to thrive in a God based rape culture can never be the product of a fault with the child.


No religion is sufficiently principled to be proactive champions for the human rights of children beyond championing for the entrapment by their own religion of the most vulnerable in their community for the sole benefit of the clerical classes here in Australia and the Vatican

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