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The inability of a child to thrive in a Constitutionally protected God based perpetual threat and rape culture is not a fault of the child; however it does become their odious responsibility upon reaching adulthood.

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"Putting it all together : Adaptive responses to adversity, finding Safety and Recovery from disruptions to developmental and natural attachment processes - Exploring the reality of Trauma in Religion in 2021 Australia."

From Sunday, 21 November 2021

Published: Sunday, 21 November 2021 10:23:01 AM

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"When Abbot was priminister he set his Wolves onto Gillards unions. So when Gillard became priminister she set her Wolves onto Abbots Catholic Church Pedophiles. It was a personal war against the two PMs. Not many people get that but it stands out like a Cardinal in a Kindergarten." Online statement 2021.

There are many slants on this historical battle between the papacy and the monarchy. Then you get to add to that the influence of multiple waves of "dedicated" Catholics steering the government/monarchist's and their Royal Commissions empowered never ending vendetta against a poor defenseless Church caught up inendless abuse scandals. Many may have arisen through the practice of placing troublesome individuals into religious institutions - a sort of mental health vaacum provided by the sexual escapades of centuries of hoarding and protecting dysfunctional humans herded into ministry as a substitute for modern psychology or psychiatric treatments because wealthy families could afford to buy positions of power from their Godly and well financed connections.

Contact. Not just contact but close contact with the mainstream Christian religion has always been a prosperous relationship and the bias had allowed flaws in medical systems such as the diagnoses that led to the persecution and deaths of uncountable humans on the basis of failing to meet the religiously set criteria of defining what is human in that we humans consist of binary genders only as laid down in the Christian Bible.

It is flaw's like that allow flaws like those of the American Psychiatric Association's DSM line of treatment with its historically flawed view at the time in relation to gendered people and the millions of humans who were directly affected by that as that continues to be the first line of treatment that we Australians are presented with. That is a collision that few are prepared for.

Add to that conflict of evidence a religiously conflicted medical system that appears to be repeating that same glitch when it comes to the sexual abuse of children due to an inability to be equally critical of all belief systems.

This is the diagnose and medicate method that has about the same success rate as placebo whereas the most effective "alternative" trauma informed and evidence based systems including psychedelics, Cannabis, psilocybin and more are consistently producing much higher results without the debilitating side effects and lifelong dependence of the medication model. That system is built a way to protect its commercial or philosophical interests before the interests of their community and the whole of Australia; never-the-less it's the cheapest way to medicate away the failings of medical research, state, Church and government when it comes to advancing human rights to all in Australia.

In secular Australia some expect to exert their perceived human right to bias the nation toward a religion you may not belong to, may have been injured by or they have failed to provide adequate evidence for their claims.

Despite its historic failing in the area of gender it currently fails us in the area of trauma and in particular multiple instances of trauma in childhood. The DSM has failed to include a fully integrated with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder version despite having evidence presented to them decades ago..

Until that is rectified and notices in place and in operation courts across every jurisdiction are forced to continue to operate one of the most functionally hazardous to survivors justice systems.

If ever there were to be a time where Catholics would come to doubt the religion they were born into then the real stories of survivors becomes important.

In fact some of those things are of such importance that there are those in positions of authority across the country who have an oath of obedience and allegiance to a foreign state and they should publicly declare their dual interest.

They should recuse themselves of influence in all areas pertaining to child sexual abuse, it's treatment in any area of medicine, support, development, education, charity or recovery until a 99% positive response to the course of current day redress, recovery and financial compensation matters in relation to claims of abuse to children is achieved else their freedom to practice in the state is rescinded until compliance is achieved.

The culture remains - the risk of a repeat is high

That religious beliefs were at the core of the criminalizing of homosexuality that led to defining homosexuality as a mental health issue with the release of the American Psychiatry Association's first version of their Diagnostic and statistical manual (DSM).

"Early Views of Homosexuality: From Sin to Crime to Sickness Early attitudes towards homosexuality in the Western world were rooted in Christian ideals. According to many popular takes on Christianity, sex was intended for procreation only; thus, homosexual acts were considered sinful since they could not result in reproduction. These religious attitudes carried over into secular law: by the 16th century homosexuality had become a felony punishable by death in England (Morgan & Nerison, 1993). Laws criminalizing homosexual acts later appeared in the United States as well, continuing to legitimize these views into the 20th century." When Gay Was Not Okay with the APA

For decades the rape of children across the country was normalised to the point where governments and policing in Australia not only turned a blind eye they actively covered up and bullied and criminalised many who attempted to speak out about their own abuse or the abuse of others by clergy. My own experiences around 1969, 2006, 2009 and following the establishment of the Royal Commission showed me that this system was still active and functional in those recent times.

The example of policing in Australia clearly shows the extent that normlizing can take us. Nine police jurisdictions across the country all came to the same criminal actions with regard to covering up child abuse by clergy without ever consulting or conspiring yet they all acted in the same criminal manner when it came to the rape tens of thousands of Australian children and other crimes by clergy.


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Were you like so many others born into a constitutionally protected God based death and rape culture?

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